Post Halloween- Bloody Steak

Pardon the theatrical effects as it is Halloween after all. This does indeed look like a CSI setting or a scene from a horror movie with fresh blood splattered everywhere. When it concerns blood oozing from a piece of steak, some quiver at the sight of it, others see red but to me? That is gold. Eating a steak without blood is synonymous to chewing on a tennis shoe. People who prefer their meat well done- Incinerated into leathery, flavorless chunks of carbon are probably not able to tell if what they’re eating is food or a piece of floating rubber from a shipwreck. I am not condemning people who are under privileged  to eat under cooked meat because of medical reasons but I’m merely displaying my tumultuous displeasure towards an over cooked steak. Rants aside, I’m gonna teach you guys how to fire up a succulent piece of steak, and honor this Halloween with the savoring of, blood. *SCREECHING HORROR MOVIE SOUND EFFECT*

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Astons Specialties (East Coast)

ED: Astons has received overwhelming popularity by the masses over the years. In fact East Coast’s Astons  Specialties is my favourite place to appease my carnivorous cravings for a good slab of steak. No matter what people say, I can confidently say that Astons steak has never once failed me.

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