Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Rach: My dear people, this is your ‘ang moh cai tao kueh’!

As a kid, the word ‘Carrot’ irks me. Who would want a bunch of carrots stuffed in their cake? Hand over the chocolate cake anytime! I didn’t enjoy carrot cakes until very recently when i had my first delish slice at Cedele’s during my birthday this year! All that raisins, walnuts and carrots came nicely together.(Yes, as we grow older, we learn how to appreciate our veggies more lol.)

So I was craving for it… but the one at Cedele’s was S$6 a slice. And i had some time to make a batch after going down to the polling station. It was really app of me to make carrot cakes too because of the much talk-about of carrots (aka your upgrading that the gahmen tempts you with) during the general elections XD

Now carrot cake may sound harmless. But the cream cheese frosting isn’t!
One way to minimize a sinful treat as much as possible? DOWNSIZE IT… into cupcakes!

I’m quite satisfied with the results of it. Just that we made too much frostings, and there’s no way i would toss out my beloved cream cheese frostings! So we made another batch… and had enough batter to do a cake too! -_- Yes, my fridge is way too loaded with carrot cakes now.

Ed wanted to bring some to his friends at the Butter Factory. The theme of the party was Zoo? I’ll get Ed to upload a picture of his ‘seals’… eyes and nose decorated with raisins and chocolate LOL.