Fin for the win? Please join the Anti Shark’s Fin Campaign

ED: PLEASE WATCH THIS. This video below about Gordan Ramsay eating shark’s fin for the first time and how they are slaughtered may ruin you for the rest of your life for shark’s fin. As living things, they are creatures with feelings and senses like you and I, aware to every inch of blade slicing through them, and every fin lost. It is as good as a comparison to severing a lion’s limbs and dumping it on an open field to bleed and be eaten alive by scavengers. As such majestic creatures I really feel sharks do not deserve such an inglorious death. After watching it, I really hope you’ll puke, and hope even more so you’ll join the campaign to STOP EATING SHARK’S FIN. Remember, when the buying stops, the killing will too.


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