Pan Fried Fries Tossed With Chive Butter, Basil, Garlic Confit And Lemon Juice

ED: My hands got itchy and i just had to cook something today. I ransacked my kitchen and found 2 russet potatoes sitting in the basket crying out my name. I found BFF (best friends forever) for them. Butter, chives, basil and garlic. Can never go wrong with those! Squeezed a lemon cheek to freshen and complete this super simple and tasty dish. (;

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Saturday kitchen adventures of Ed and Cris!

Spiced Pork Chop With Apple Sauce, Twice Baked Potato And Blanched Vegetables

ED: Sometimes my best friend Cris would be inspired to cook! Perhaps after watching Master Chef or Martin Yen’s cooking shows. Confucius Master Chef always says. ” IF YENNN CAN COOK, SOOO CAN YOU!~” So he believes. I almost sense sarcasm in his words. Sure we can cook but just that he’s a thousand times better! But to break down his wise philosophical words for those who don’t understand, Master Yen is saying, anyone can cook! Yes this is the point i wanna share with you all and look what my buddy and I materialized out of raw ingredients! (fyi he has no prior training and has hand circular coordination disorder haha! jk buddy) Just by follow recipes and instructions carefully, anyone can cook! So start cooking today! 😀

Tri Colour Potato Salad In Simplest Mayonnaise Dressing

Back in cooking school and even in secondary school, potato was my middle nick name. People would call me KANTANG! So naturally i make a mean potato salad. There are a hundred thousand gisellion types of potato salads. Because potato is such a versatile ingredient due to its neutral taste, you can have it with almost anything. tangy mustard, nutmeg, melted butter and herbs, sour cream and chives, beetroot, anchovies and capers, Cajun, or the simplest mayonnaise dressing which is what I’m gonna teach you to prepare! :p

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My Juicy Meatballs With Perfect Mash And Blackberry Wine Vinaigrette

My Juicy Meatballs With Perfect Mash And Blackberry Wine Vinaigrette

ED: Lets check out today’s weather lets see… Cloudy, with a chance of MEATBALLS. YES MEATBALLS FROM THE HEAVENS! This dish is definitely hits the G-spot if you’re craving meat and potatoes. (; My meatballs and mash were such a hit at the party the platters were scraped clean of mash and everyone was wagging their tails for more. These juicy babies are perfect with tomato sauce, mushroom brown sauce, wine sauce, vinaigrette or just a humble raspberry jam. Savor this dish over a candle light dinner with your darlin’ along with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon this coming Valentines Day! Melt her heart with meat and mash this V Day! Results guaranteed.

PS: Do NOT forget the flowers and a gift! (;

(The recipe below is an estimated proportion of ingredients)

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