Korean BBQ Canape

ED: Annyeong! Na-nun Ed-mund imnida! (Hello I’m Edmund!) Sarang Hae Yo! (I Love You!) hahaha thats about all the Korean i know besides a few swear words of course (: Ju Gul Le?? (You wanna die??) lol just messing. Apart from how nice the Korean swear words sounds i love the culture, the country, the girls, the weather, the girls, the girls, and Korean BBQ! And also how easy it is to make prepare it! All you need is a bbq set, some meats, (chicken, pork or beef) some veg, (lettuce, spring onions, onions, green chili, coriander, garlic, mushroom, cucumber) and KOREAN CHILI BEAN PASTE. Simply marinate the meats in the Korean chili bean paste for few hours. It is that simple! Mashikeh-Mogoseyo! (Enjoy your meal!) 😀