The Cookie Museum

Rach: Be awed as you step into a Victorian and Baroque inspired setting, of classy and grandeur furnishings. The Cookie Museum is quietly hidden in a corner, often forgotten because I get distracted by Max Brenner’s over-powering chocolate scent… But that doesn’t mean that you should give it a miss, it’s a whole different experience!

Fortunately for me, my friend introduced this gorgeous cafe to me. She had a voucher for a free pot of tea! And a pot of tea you must have when you’re there. It kinda fits the whole atmosphere and ambiance. Plus they have a wide array of teas to choose from, mostly light and fragrant teas. I had the ‘Raphael’s Kiss’, a white tea with peony blossoms. And a pot of tea costs from S$12 to S$15 if I remembered correctly… sadly, no sharing is allowed, you have to get your own individual pot. Yes, a bit ‘atas’… when you see the menu and its costs of cakes, you’ll get what i mean.

Chocolate & Cheese Melting Cake (S$22.90)

Where’s the cake? It has… melted. Into a pool of slop. It wasn’t warm anymore when it was served, but at room temperature. Sloppy cake it is. Would have been nicer if it was warm. Need a chocolate fix? This would do. IT’S SUPER RICH. I can’t help but think that this was created/invented accidentally lol…

Brownies Tower (S$16)

Not so much of a tower is it? Nothing special for S$16 worth of brownies. The vanilla ice cream that came with it is not bad though!

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