The Garden Slug

Rach: What a quirky name for a cafe! I’m really drawn to eateries with these cute names because you’ll never know what you’ll get! Surprise me please, just not with slimy slugs 🙂 The day before i was already craving for something i never had before. An ‘All day breakfast’. My fellow food buddy, Simmie, took up my signal quickly and we confirmed our food hunt within seconds on Facebook!

In a quiet street of Telok Kurau is where TGS is neatly tucked in Bright Centre, beside some pet shops… No funky smell don’t worry. Unless some irresponsible owner decides to bring his/her smelly furry friend to dine there… because i heard TGS is a pet-friendly cafe. A good place for dog owners to unite!

Don’t expect ravishing and chic furnishings. When we got there, we were greeted with a very humble layout. I guess in these kind of places, it’s just all about the food and company eh?

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