My Cheaters Eggs Benedict

ED: Sorry I’ve been MIA for more than a week! I’ve got every foodie’s WORST nightmare, yes WISDOM TOOTH EXTRACTION followed by a week of fever and tonsillitis infection D: So I pretty much ate white porridge everyday. Time for some REAL food. I made a the simplest eggs benedict. Which prolly would taste exactly the same, but 10 times easier to make cause instead of poaching the egg, I just bake the whole damn thing. Like a dirty cheater (: Now guys who wanna impress partners in bed, as in, with breakfast of course, pay attention.

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Sunday Brunch At Cris’s House

Ricotta Pancakes With Banana, Icing Sugar And Maple syrup

Cooked brunch with Cris and Olly on a Sunday late morning! Nothing like pancakes and eggs on a lazy Sunday morning. Ironically we were hardworking enough to cook on lazy Sunday. Prolly cause these dishes are easy to cook, and so yummy (:

Perfect thickness, moistness and fluffiness. Thank goodness. I think I got a winner. Just needed more ricotta in it to make it perfect. (I forgot me butter how could I)

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My Deviled Birthday Eggs

ED: Sorry I’ve been slacking off (a little) and I’m up to 5 post behind schedule!! Here’s the deviled eggs I made few days ago (2 weeks). Got back from camp and saw my sisters red eggs on the dining table. Red eggs are traditionally prepared for Chinese birthdays to symbolize and celebrate birth in the past and my granny still continues till today. That’s why we love her ❤ They are prepared by simply boiling them in water and red dye, which gives the shell its bright red colour. Mmm. Thinking about it now, not only did i took my sister’s birthday eggs, i even turned them into deviled eggs.

But she liked them anyway. These little unborn-ed spawns looks nothing like their papa Satan. But like father like son, they burn like they do in hell. Its like Hell in a bite. (;

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Japanese Tomato Cheese Omelette With Japanese Dressing and Mayonnaise

ED: Made this for dinner today! I must be genius. Made a rectangular omelette with a round pan and not those square pans the Japanese use. So i failed on the shape. Not so genius after all. But hey I only learned to make western and chinese omelette! For this omelette, I added a splash of Japanese rice wine vinegar, and a pinch of S & P into the egg. Sauteed the tomatoes in high heat and scrambled in the eggs and cheese and formed the omelette in low heat.

I’m feeling lazy this monday evening. Peace out world. V