ED: Once again the time has arrived where the Undead horde lumbers and Draculas awake from their slumbers to party and get wasted in clubs and bars. Apart from rampant ghoulish activities and howls in the Halloween skies, it is also a much anticipated hunting season. Yes, it’s slut bunny season boys, a day where girls mystically transform under the moon light sprouting bunny ears and bosoms and shedding clothes.

So that’s mainly how we celebrate Halloween here in Singapore, which sadly leans away from the souling custom of carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns as a way of remembering the souls held in purgatory; Continue reading


Hazel-Nutella Cake

Rach: Something both me and Simmie did for one of our buddy’s birthday last year. Just look at the glossy and thick chocolate ganache! Mmmhmm… It was one hell of a delish, sinful cake! I would love to bake this cake again. It’s really easy… like you literally empty out a whole bottle of nutella, mix in some eggs and choco… XD

But… my oven has KAPOOT! Damn it.

Banana Bre-ake

Rach: I’m going bananas! What’s Bre-ake you ask? I can’t decide whether this is a bread or a cake. Since it’s in a cake pan, it’s prolly a cake? But that’s because i didn’t have a loaf tin lol… Texture wise I think I can tweak it a little for better results. I think I’ve helped myself to a quarter of it by now because it’s so scrumptious! Not too buttery, not too sweet. Anything with bananas and chocolate chips wins right?

PS: The little orange things you see in the picture are not ‘mentaikos’ (Prawn roe in Japanese). It’s… colored Brown Sugar. Kena bluffed by my mum. She said they’ll turn brown with heat… it didn’t. Thankfully I only sprinkled a little just to test. See, i myself wasn’t buying what she said!

Oh, Ed took the camera… so i only had to rely on my nasty 3 mega-pixel iPhone camera to take this.

A Take On Love Buns

Rach: Haha, sorry been missing for awhile! I haven’t been whipping up anything much in the kitchen recently, because… I’m trying to keep in shape here, so it’s best that i do not tempt myself by baking. That’s suicidal.

I know there are healthy recipes out there, but I’m not that hardcore to actually go for gluten-free breads or cakes. It’s just… not the same you know? And I still don’t get how one can substitute butter for apple sauce lol! That’s madness, it’ll never taste the same!

So I was looking through some pictures on my computer and I found these…

Gorgeous looking cupcakes aren’t they? But they aren’t your typical cupcakes with sugary icing. Behold… The toppings are a kind of a meringue base, actually similar to marshmallows! Important tip here: Make sure that you do actually have a hand-held mixer to do this. If not you’ll very much get sore arms after this strenuous exercise. Well, i didn’t have one, so thank goodness my friend with baking muscles helped me out with all that whipping!

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Mango And Peach Sponge Cake With Mandarin Orange Glaze

Rach: Tried this out with the same recipe as the strawberry shortcake (partly because i wanted better photos of the cake as compared to the other time). This time round, the texture of my cake is much better, lighter!

A rather ‘citrusy’ dessert i would say… compliments well with the mandarin orange wine glaze and liquor chocolate! A little bit sweet, a little bit bitter, a little bit tangy… ooo… Can’t wait to have another slice for breakfast tomorrow!

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