Pizza Memoirs (Advertorial)

ED: Pizza Memoirs is located at The Foundry, where its it home to the most creative and interesting hand crafted pizzas. Its alfresco seating is perfect for chilling after a drilling day at work or school and to enjoy delicious pizzas in your slippers and shorts. Its also an interesting place as you can enjoy 3 other types of cuisines like Western, Indian and Mexican as they house 3 other stalls- The Better Burger, Tiffin North Indian and Tomatillos Mexican. Although honestly I would end up ordering burgers or pizzas every time I stop by.

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Harry’s Bar

Rach: Just a short review on what we had at Harry’s Bar at the Esplanade on Saturday.
It was impromptu. Two hungry people had time to kill while waiting for seats at The Cookie Museum… so we drifted off a few meters down for a late lunch. I think, we just wanted to munch.

But no we did not order snacks! I had the Harry’s Classic pizza. A 10″ thin crust pizza with pepperoni and cheese while Simmie had the Fish & Chips which was not bad actually for pub food… The fish & chips that is. Bring on the crispy batter any time! So the blah part of the pizza was the pasta/pizza sauce. It had that ‘raw’ taste to it, and was extremely garlic-y. Just look at the color of the pizza… It looks unappealing and pale in color. Well, it was only $10… So i paid a dollar for an inch? lol :/ Props to the crust though… but i think i would prefer one that’s similar to Skinny Pizza’s which kinda puffs up like a naan 🙂

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Pepperoni Con Fungi Pizza

ED: I think i have issues.. I love pizza dough, yet, i hate it. Well its complicated. A love hate relationship you can call it. The love and dedication i give it, massaging it, watching it grow.. Just to experience the utter disappointment of failure even after pizza experiment No. 28432. Makes me wanna pull what ever hair I’ve got out. But i love pizza so much I could eat so many, that a thousand nations of yeast empires would be party rocking, shuffling within my intestines floor giving me tummy aches. My top favourite toppings for pizza would be the salty stuff! Such as pepperoni, salami, olives, anchovies, (of course the cheese!) and also tomatoes and mushrooms! And i must have it with ice water or a nice chilled beer! (YEAHH!) Or my taste buds would shrivel up and die. But what ever the toppings, i would devour them all the same! Well, alas i made a decent pizza. Though this recipe was the bready type of pizza it was not bad. think it was something like Pizza Hut. But the dough’s recipe was seriously quite salty. Next time, Ima attempt a thin crust pizza! 😛

Recipe out soon!