Burger Bench & Bar

ED: With many hot burger joints in the food scene, competition is hot and every joint has their own unique concept and traits to survive the endless horde of burger hungry Singaporeans. Armed with a novelty concept, Burger Bench & Bar seems to be among the few in the front line. B3 (Burger Bench & Bar) are a Western/Japanese fusion style burger joint that uses real meat from Australia and real fish fillets & chicken breasts rather than re-constituted meat. They also do not use preservatives or artificial flavouring! (Means their burgers don’t last for 4 years without decomposing 😀 ) Their believe- Fast food doesn’t mean junk food!

My partner and I decided to fuel up at B3 before watching Transformers 3 (which was kick ass and Megatron died) We were contemplated to order fries as we wanted to put BFF (Best Fries Forever) to the test and we order just 2 burgers in the end. I had the Mushroom Beef Burger while she chose the most interesting choice in my opinion, the Green Curry Catfish Burger!

Mushroom Beef Burger $8.20

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