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We eat with our eyes right? Yes, literally.

Tjalf Sparnaay is a Netherlands-born, London-based artist whose oil paintings are ridiculously hyper-realistic. When I first saw these images I assumed they were photographs. Sparnaay is an expert at taking everyday, throwaway items such as discarded Cola cans and a bag of chips, removing the items from their environment, and turning them into textured works of art, no shadow, wrinkle or crevice overlooked. Sparnaay calls his style “Mega-Realism.” More about the artist here.

From Our Kitchen

Tuscan Tomato Soup With Grilled Cheese Toast

ED: This is a fantastic dish to have while you’re cuddled up on the couch on a cold winter day or, rainy day in our case. It’s a really thick and hearty soup with chunks of bread and you could also add other ingredients in it like lentils, kidney beans, bacon, capsicum etc. I love this dish so much cause it’s so comforting it tucks me into bed.


Fin for the win? Please join the Anti Shark’s Fin Campaign

ED: PLEASE WATCH THIS. This video below about Gordan Ramsay eating shark’s fin for the first time and how they are slaughtered may ruin you for the rest of your life for shark’s fin. As living things, they are creatures with feelings and senses like you and I, aware to every inch of blade slicing through them, and every fin lost. It is as good as a comparison to severing a lion’s limbs and dumping it on an open field to bleed and be eaten alive by scavengers. As such majestic creatures I really feel sharks do not deserve such an inglorious death. After watching it, I really hope you’ll puke, and hope even more so you’ll join the campaign to STOP EATING SHARK’S FIN. Remember, when the buying stops, the killing will too.

Food Reviews

Founder Bak Kut Teh Restaurant

ED: There are numerous varieties of bak kut teh with its cooking style closely influenced by the prevailing Chinese enclave of a certain geographical location. (In case you’re wondering why some bak kut teh soups are so dark in colour where as others are pale) In Singapore, there are three types of bak kut teh. The most common variety is the Teochew style, which is light in color and uses more pepper in the soup. The Hokkiens, who prefer saltier food, use more soy sauce, which results in a darker coloured soup. The Cantonese with a soup-drinking culture would add medicinal herbs hence creating a stronger herb flavoured soup. Which is personally my favourite type cause I don’t really like over peppery soups. But after trying Founder Bak Kut Teh, my allegiance to the Cantonese was swayed.

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Pizza Memoirs (Advertorial)

ED: Pizza Memoirs is located at The Foundry, where its it home to the most creative and interesting hand crafted pizzas. Its alfresco seating is perfect for chilling after a drilling day at work or school and to enjoy delicious pizzas in your slippers and shorts. Its also an interesting place as you can enjoy 3 other types of cuisines like Western, Indian and Mexican as they house 3 other stalls- The Better Burger, Tiffin North Indian and Tomatillos Mexican. Although honestly I would end up ordering burgers or pizzas every time I stop by.