ED: Recently i have been infected with a healthy eating disease. For the past week I’ve been eating oats, chicken breast, veggies, brown rice, fruits anything healthy and low in unhealthy fat! Those of you who know me would think I’m BSing but I’m not! Truth is I’m actually on a work out regimen which would work better with a healthy diet. But so far the regimen isn’t working as i ain’t working out as much cause I’ve been sick since last week :/

Since I’m foraging for healthy food sources I decided to try Quiznos, which is an outlet similar to subway with my fellow foodie Jeanine. We had to first choose our choice of bread. I wanted rosemary parmesan which I’m sure is the most popular flavor as they ran out! You know, I could just salivate by the sound of it. They laid generous amount of meat and cheese and ran it through a toaster. Added some veg and sauce boom, done.

Here’s what we had,

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