VIP Launch of “The King of Curry” – CoCoIchibanya

The latest food outlet opening in 313 Somerset, Japanese Curry House CoCoICHIBANYA!

*Written by Joey, FA Food Writer

*Photos by Ed & Joey

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Ever craved a good curry fix whilst in town? Look no further, because a new curry house has just opened right smack in the middle of it! No need to travel to Little India or the rural outskirts of Singapore, because this place will slap a generous amount of rice, extra dishes, and of course, curry on your plate. Japanese curry to be exact.

Known as the King of Curry, CoCoIchibanya has been serving up curry for over 30 years, and with 1275 outlets worldwide as of August, there’s no wonder it’s been dubbed as the King of Curry. The most unique part about CoCoIchibanya, is how you get to pick how you like your curry.
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Sapporo Miharu Ramen

Rach: Ramen fever in Singapore? Must be. AOBA, Ajisen, Ippudo, Marutama, Ramenplay… and I’ve never heard of Sapporo Miharu until my friend told me that we were going to have her birthday dinner here. Well, now we know ^^ and it’s inconveniently hidden in Nanson Road. I shall not start my story on how I was conned to take a three minute taxi ride there which cost me S$10.90 lol!

When I finally found my way there, what greeted me was a rather small, homely and unpretentious looking restaurant. Luckily my friends got there early because we had a big group and the restaurant doesn’t accept reservations (perhaps due to its limited seating areas). On to the menu, Sapporo Miharu actually serves four different kinds of soup broth: Miso, Shio, Shoyu and Tonkotsu.

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Ippudo Singapore (Mandarin Gallery)

ED:  Before watching Hello Ghost(Korean comedy movie which FYI was really good!:p) my partner and I were deciding between Ippudo and Wild honey for dinner. 2 popular eateries with lots of media publicity and large number of reviews. It wasn’t a long debate as both of us were craving something nice and warm to sit us through the movie. As we stepped into Ippudo we were greeted cheerfully by every single staff(at least 8 of them) and i thought it was only polite I nodded back at everyone of them.

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AOBA Hokkaido Ramen @ ION

Rach: AOBA was a totally unintentional dining stop. Where else could we go on a Friday night, 7pm, with no reservations, and with thousands of hungry humans lurking around with the same instincts? WE ALL WANTED DINNER. We had no idea where to eat. Moreover, it was my 5th day in a row in town. I already had Japanese food, ang moh food, dim sums, and more sushi… So we just walked around (after browsing the new Forever 21 outlet at Orchard Exchange) and decided to join the one with the shortest queue. Hmm…

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Genki Sushi (Orchard Central)

ED: I had a casual lunch with my sister Rach and strangely, its the first time we actually did a review together!(haha) We decided on Genki Sushi at Orchard Central but I have to admit I was seduced by a huge Quiznos Zesty Steak Sandwich poster as Quiznos is situated right beside Genki Sushi. I swallowed hard and entered the Japanese restaurant trying hard not to look back. The restaurant has a very modern Japanese feel and I was pretty impressed with their ordering system. Each table has a Genki Pad(ipad) to place orders directly from there! Whats even cooler is your dishes arrive by train. Say what? Yes your sushi rides a mini Shinkansen(bullet train) from the kitchen all the way to your table by track!(Its surely faster than the conveyor belt) Talk about speed delivery 😀 Check out the video for yourselves for those who haven’t seen it!

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