Astons Specialties (East Coast)

ED: Astons has received overwhelming popularity by the masses over the years. In fact East Coast’s Astons  Specialties is my favourite place to appease my carnivorous cravings for a good slab of steak. No matter what people say, I can confidently say that Astons steak has never once failed me.

Prime Ribeye Xtra Cut $15.90

Those beautiful grilled mark are a work of art. Giving such visual appeal and a super smoky chard flavour to the steak. Even with just basic seasoning their steak taste really good, and they always get the seasoning right! Accompanied with their mushroom sauce and sides of your choice, its truly a winner. A great steak like that to me is a comparative equivalent of my favourite rock band on a plate. That’s Chester Bennington of Linkin Park rocking my taste buds right there. It’s the most value for money steak you could ever, EVER find. I recommend trying their Ribeye if you prefer a more lean cut of steak or a New York Striploin if you love a nice caramelized rendered coating of fat around the edge of your steak. (Seriously that’s my favourite, eating the fat and meat together with every bite) There’s nothing much to say cause my words only carry that much weight. You’ve got to try them yourselves! Just go get em. 😀

New York Strip $13.90


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