Julius Truffles

Life is like a box full of chocolates. Scratch that.
You thought that I would have started off my entry with that phrase didn’t you :p

Rach: My dear readers, what I’m about to blog is not just about chocolates. There’s a whole lot of dreams, inspirations and creativity that goes on inside the mind of this hobbyist chocolatier, Julius. I guess that’s one of the reasons why Julius Truffles’s chocolates are another level higher compared to other homemade chocolates. Yes, you read it right, these are homemade chocolates crafted with passion. Looks darn good right? It gets better!

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The Ice Cream Man

Rach: The Ice Cream Man is one of the many hidden treasures in Haji Lane! Comb through the streets hard enough and a gateway to an food adventure with interesting flavors awaits. A simple brand name it may be, but don’t be too quick to judge! Wasabi and SOY SAUCE ice cream anyone???

The staffs there were really accommodating and they genuinely wanted you to try out their specialties! So they were totally cool with letting us try the different flavors. Just ask away! I’m serious, they are really nice about it!

I got to try the Strawberry Sorbet, Wasabi, Soy Sauce, Jackfruit, and Green Peas… What a unique range! And you know how after you’ve sampled a couple of different flavors and you end up choosing the flavor which you didn’t try? I chose Baileys, and I probably hit the jackpot :p

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Hazel-Nutella Cake

Rach: Something both me and Simmie did for one of our buddy’s birthday last year. Just look at the glossy and thick chocolate ganache! Mmmhmm… It was one hell of a delish, sinful cake! I would love to bake this cake again. It’s really easy… like you literally empty out a whole bottle of nutella, mix in some eggs and choco… XD

But… my oven has KAPOOT! Damn it.

The Chocolate Bar (Marina Bay Sands)

ED: I called on Wednesday to make a reservation for Saturday evening and I was astonishingly disappointed that they were already fully booked for that night! So I booked the following Saturday evening and had to wait with growing anticipation till then. After striking many days off the calender the day finally arrived! My partner and I made our way to Sky Park and our excitement grew as the lift scaled towards the 57th floor. We were swept away by the breath taking view, and already, the night felt almost perfect.

We were greeted warmly by 2 friendly female staffs and were immediately guided by 1 to our table and tucked in comfortably onto our chairs. She explained that coffee, hot chocolate and a selection of TWG tea (Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Green Tea, Jasmine Tea, Camomile Tea) are included in the buffet, and also Warm Chocolate Fondant Cake and Chocolate Ice Cream which are not displayed in the buffet could be ordered. I highly recommend ordering a pot of your favourite TWG tea to refresh your palate from the sweet treats to come.

(Smack forehead* I forgot to bring my camera that night! All these beautiful pictures are taken from http://www.sgdessert.com/2010/12/chocolate-buffet-marina-bay-sands.html)

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Once Upon a Milkshake @ *Scape

Rach: Once again for the 14892750th time, I’m steering off my healthy-eating radar.

I’ve a confession to make. I’ve long plotted my mark on OUAM even before my outing with my cousins was confirmed on that day. In fact, I didn’t get myself a drink during dinner so that this little power bomb could sit in my belly nicely without me feeling too bloated. I was so glad when I found out that they do serve their milkshakes in mini sizes!

And for once, milkshake isn’t so much like sloppy melted ice cream! Hoorah~!

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