The Hand Burger (313 @ Somerset)

ED: The Hand Burger serves the gourmet burgers crafted from the freshest and finest ingredients such as New Zealand grass-fed prime beef patties, a range of home made sauces and home made buns! Yes everything at The Hand Burger are made by HAND. Credits to that. So naturally I was drawn to this joint.

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Advertorial For The Better Burger (tbb)

(Warning: Read on at your own risk)

ED: Everyone has a purpose in life, some to be rich, some to find love, others to be ***holes. Others, their life long pilgrimage is to find the best burgers. Like myself, the owners of tbb could never truly satisfy our desires for a really good burger in Singapore despite having a tidal wave of burger joints flooding the Singapore food scene recently. That’s how the guys behind tbb, Josiah and his partners explained how they actually conceptualized The Better Burger. Previously ran by Fat Boys Burgers, tbb, took over the joint right beside their company’s other joint, Pizza Memoirs.

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Creamy Mushroom Burger With Beer Battered Onion Rings And Salsa

ED: Before we begin i have to inform you viewers that this post is rated PG.
Now ladies, we all know size is a very.. Sensitive issue. You all may seem to act like you don’t really give a damn but deeeeep down inside you and your hypocritically innocent exterior, i know, that you know you all like it BIG. You can’t run away from the truth so just admit it and be open about it. Come on, you all like it big. The bigger, the greater the satisfaction, and a better mouthful you’ll get, and you’ll have to hold it with both hands.. I can imagine some biting lips, deep breathing and flustering cheeks, a growl.. Escaping from a beast caged up inside you. I know you are all getting excited.. By the way, haveeee you met Big Uncle Johnny? He STANDS 6 INCHES TALL 5 INCHES THICK AND WEIGHS 350 GRAMS.


Sorry rach but Vegan Burg doesn’t quite work as well for me as this.

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