Cereal Prawns

ED: First attempt on cereal prawns! A failed one though! The cereal didn’t coat the prawns well sadly. But it tasted not bad. Psst. I used instant cereal prawn mix! We all cheat once in awhile don’t we? :p


Sex Sea Salmon- Crispy Skin Salmon With With Potato Gratin And Seasonal Veg Spooned with Tarragon Butter Sauce (And Invisible Caviar)

ED: So sexy is this Sex Sea Salmon, she is the apple of every fishes eye, the sexual fantasy of every fish! The fillet, that EVERY FILLET DREAMS ABOUT  AND STRIVES TO BECOME. She’ll have you hooked and broke for sure, for she has exquisite taste for caviar. (;

Yes the I think some of you would be wondering whats invisible caviar. I FORGOT TO ADD IT ONTO THE PLATE!!! I only realised after i stripped her clean of the plate. D:

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Breaded Prawns on a Stick

Rach: This isn’t a Valentine’s Day post but if you have an Asian themed dinner planned, sure you could include this as a side dish!

If you’ve got some prawns, you’re good to go… you probably have the other ingredients in your kitchen, like eggs, herbs etc. I went prawning the other day with my friends. So what i got are fresh water ‘prawnys’. They are puny… We didn’t catch too many, i’m still a noob at it. Got my finger pierced by a hook even! Grr…

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Hei Luat (Shrimp Omelette)

Hei Luat (Shrimp Omelette)

ED: If I was stranded on Singapore island and had to choose one dish to eat forever one of the first dishes i would prolly think of would be Orh Luat! (Oyster Omelette). The textures or crusty egg flour bits contrasting smooth gooey starch swimming around your mouth as oysters goes “SWOOSH” as they burst releasing waves of flavours which sweeps you away like the sea is truly sensational! Orh Luat is definitely one of the big shots in the unbeatable firepower of Singapore’s local foods arsenal. This dish is of a Teochew/Fujian origin, which is popular in place with Teochew/Fujian influences such as Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. My entire family happens to be Teochew and this recipe is passed down from great granny all the way to me, and I’m gonna teach you how to create this hawker favourite in your very own kitchen. (;

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Short Neck Clams With Spicy Wine Sauce

Short Neck Clams With Spicy Wine Sauce

ED: Never ever belittle these little shells! These little treasure chests contain the flavours of the entire sea! Being versatile you can use them in soups/stock or pastas, or cook them with cream sauce, or wine sauce. I swear they are more addictive than pringles! Once you pop a shell, you can’t stop.

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