Pizza Memoirs (Advertorial)

ED: Pizza Memoirs is located at The Foundry, where its it home to the most creative and interesting hand crafted pizzas. Its alfresco seating is perfect for chilling after a drilling day at work or school and to enjoy delicious pizzas in your slippers and shorts. Its also an interesting place as you can enjoy 3 other types of cuisines like Western, Indian and Mexican as they house 3 other stalls- The Better Burger, Tiffin North Indian and Tomatillos Mexican. Although honestly I would end up ordering burgers or pizzas every time I stop by.

Pizza Memoirs offer a selection of classic and fusion pizzas with catchy names ($15, $20 and $35 for 9-inch, 12-inch and 21-inch respectively) and apart from pizzas they also serves a variety of pastas($10-15) and sides like salads and soups ($4-10) which I heard are pretty awesome like their pizzas! Their pizza dough are made lovingly by hand daily and rolled out freshly upon orders which is what makes them extra delicious. The owners told me about their philosophy, just like The Better Burgers they believe in using high quality and fresh ingredients in their pizzas and dishes, so you can be sure what you pay for is quality.

3 of their top selling specialty pizzas-

Sweet Dreams

Do not be fooled by its resemblance to the classic Hawaiian pizza because it is not. Sweet Dreams comprises Fish Ba Kwa (which is one of their company’s original product), sweet pineapples and caramelised onions on a special miso mayo sauce base, topped with mozzarella. I was rather surpirsed by the texture of the fish ba kwa as it wasn’t really like the usual ba kwa but more like a luncheon meat. It was sweet, candied and salty with a mild spice and fish flavor and it goes well with the juicy pineapple slices and mayonnaise.  A refreshing take on the classic Hawaiian.If you’re a Hawaiian lover, this might just tuck you into bed, kiss you good night and give you sweet dreams.


This was a whip cracker I really loved the combination of flavours in this pizza and the presentation. The massala curry chicken was really tender and a little spicy and blended so well with the coriander leafs and yogurt which takes a little heat off the curry. The massala chicken was so good it made me wonder if they actually took it from the Indian kitchen when they weren’t looking. The texture of the pizza wasn’t your typical thin crust but rather more like a medium crust new york style pizza which is slightly firm but soft. This is my favourite among the 3 :p


Do not go wtf they burnt my whole pizza when they serve it as its black because of the squid ink! The squid ink dough tasted a little different tough you can’t really taste the squid ink as it is a very delicate flavor. Nightmare comprises of squid rings, red chilli, a special black pepper sauce and mozzarella over a squid ink dough, sprinkled with fresh coriander. Although they mentioned it was a black pepper sauce base I didn’t even realised it was till I knew about it. But I do know that the squid was absolutely beautiful and cooked to tender perfection. Although I have to say there wasn’t really much of it hence its lacking the squid flavor. They cleverly used sliced chilis and the coriander leafs like flavour missiles which hangs around and explodes when chewed upon. That was my favourite part of this dish.

Overall this pizza experience was a memorable one. I’m not being corny it really is. It was a pretty fun palate experience with all those creative pizzas but not so for my bottom as the seats are not the most comfy. But still it is surely worth the trip down here! Pizza Memoirs is located along mohd sultan road at THE FOUNDRY. Dont worry about parking as i think there’s parking spaces around. Or you could share a cab with friends down from orchard Wisma or Ion taxi stand which would just cost around 4 plus to 5 bucks :p

Mushroom Burger From The Better Burger

Just had to order a burger as well. Delicious, juicy, fresh.

Pizza Memoirs– A subsidiary of O’Savory

they are conveniently located at:
18 Mohamed Sultan Road S(238967), The Foundry
they are contactable at:
+65 7333 102
opening hours:
sun – thu 11am to 11pm
fri & sat 11am to 2am


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