Wild Honey (Mandarin Gallery)

ED: If there’s one thing that’s essential for breakfast it’s got to be eggs. In fact life wouldn’t exist without eggs and hence breakfast wouldn’t be breakfast without eggs. You get what I mean. One egg dish I would wanna eat everyday if i was stranded on lost island would be Eggs Benedict and at Wild Honey, they’ve got a PHD in Eggs Benedict. Wild Honey are also famous for their round the world breakfast dishes which you could select from on their iPad menus. But I just had to find out for myself how good their Eggs Benedict are after reading and hearing so much about Wild Honey’s Eggs Benedict. The Perfect poached eggs layed on nest made of parma ham, sauteed mushrooms and thick sliced buttery brioche, gratined with a blanket of home made hollandaise sauce. It was love at first bite. Liquid gold oozed from the poached egg as I sliced through it. Got some eggs on my fork, a sauteed shitake, a slice of parma ham and buttery home made brioche and jammed everything into my mouth. What I got there was an explosion of flavours that hit all the right notes which created an orchestra in my mouth. The mushrooms were juicy and seasoned well and just the right amount of garlic and thyme was used. The brioche was soft and buttery and had a hint of sweetness to it. Their home made hollandaise had a smooth consistency and wasn’t too buttery as they balanced and freshened it with lemon juice. That’s how you get a distinction in Eggs Benedict right there on that plate. “Eggcilent”.

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Breakfast ((:

ED: Heads up to breakfast and brunch freaks. This dish took me just 15 minutes to prepare, and is stupidly simple! I first coated the tomatoes with pesto, olive oil, panko and butter and gratin it along with the bread till nicely browned, grilled the ham for nice grilled charred marks, and scramble away with the eggs!

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Poached Egg On Toast With Fetta Cheese Salsa And Tangy Tuna

ED: When I’m hungry, my instincts take over, and I’d go hunting for food. I’d prowl around the dinning table, into the kitchen, rummaging through kitchen cabinets and the fridge like a crazed scavenger. Sometimes I’d chance upon a lifeless box of packed food on the table, a deep threatening growl escapes my stomach, but that’s not what my delicate tummy hungers for. It hungers FRESH FOOD. So this predator decided to cook something with what ever it could find in the fridge. Tomatoes, shallots, fetta cheese, a can of tuna.

My first thought was fetta cheese is excellent with tomatoes and shallots, so i made a crumbled fetta cheese salsa by crumbling the fetta cheese, mixing it with chopped tomatoes, shallots and coriander, olive oil, squeeze of lemon juice and some crack black pepper. I next coated the tuna with a little mayonnaise, and some Djorn mustard for tang and lemon juice. Toasted me toast, poached me egg and threw them all together and drizzled good extra virgin olive oil around the plate. (NOM NOM NOM) *You could make hollandaise sauce too. Or replace tuna with smoked salmon ❤