Hill Street Tai Hwa Ba Chor Mee

There are some food you like, some you swear by, and some that you live by. I swear, and live by Hill Street Tai Hwa Ba Chor Mee, and may possible die with it if that is what’s necessary to take it into the next life. This Ba Chor Mee holds the power to transform sulky old folks into placated happy kids when slurping on it. That to me, is the power of delicious food.

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AOBA Hokkaido Ramen @ ION

Rach: AOBA was a totally unintentional dining stop. Where else could we go on a Friday night, 7pm, with no reservations, and with thousands of hungry humans lurking around with the same instincts? WE ALL WANTED DINNER. We had no idea where to eat. Moreover, it was my 5th day in a row in town. I already had Japanese food, ang moh food, dim sums, and more sushi… So we just walked around (after browsing the new Forever 21 outlet at Orchard Exchange) and decided to join the one with the shortest queue. Hmm…

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