Banana Bre-ake

Rach: I’m going bananas! What’s Bre-ake you ask? I can’t decide whether this is a bread or a cake. Since it’s in a cake pan, it’s prolly a cake? But that’s because i didn’t have a loaf tin lol… Texture wise I think I can tweak it a little for better results. I think I’ve helped myself to a quarter of it by now because it’s so scrumptious! Not too buttery, not too sweet. Anything with bananas and chocolate chips wins right?

PS: The little orange things you see in the picture are not ‘mentaikos’ (Prawn roe in Japanese). It’s… colored Brown Sugar. Kena bluffed by my mum. She said they’ll turn brown with heat… it didn’t. Thankfully I only sprinkled a little just to test. See, i myself wasn’t buying what she said!

Oh, Ed took the camera… so i only had to rely on my nasty 3 mega-pixel iPhone camera to take this.


Blueberry-Banana-White-Chip Muffins

Rach: Would you care for some muffins and tea? /inserts fake British accent.
My first attempt baking muffins and am pretty happy with the results 🙂

Let’s just say that I was never a huge fan of muffins. Maybe because all these while the ones I had were really dry, or it just left a weird and slightly bitter taste in your mouth. Not very pleasant. You hear people going “Cupcakes! I want!”, but not for the poor muffins. Sadly, they don’t get the same treatment.

But! This my friends, it’s different! Ed has even stamped his approval on this and says that I should sell them. “If I eat more than one muffin it means it’s gooood.” Hmm… blueberries + bananas, you definitely can’t go wrong! White chips are optional, but i think they do enhance the flavor, making it richer in taste.

So what I got was a really moist interior, that isn’t too sweet nor buttery… Take a bite, and you’ll taste the blueberries which has become of jam texture. Take another bite, and you’ll have those sweet and warm bananas dancing in your mouth which will take you to heaven! /inserts angels’ choir.

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Bready Cinnamon Buns

Rach: I’m really craving for something sweet right now so here’s a post on my Cinnamon buns. They are AWESOME! Also, these buns are well… buns. They aren’t too gooey, with lesser fat content. So yay for the health conscious!

Picture above was made during our Christmas Eve dinner party with extra cinnamon and sugar! Feel free to pile on the sugar to adjust it to your liking. You’ll need a couple of stuff and a couple of hours… so are you ready?

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Focaccia Bread

Focaccia Bread

Rach: If you love carbs like me, especially bread, Focaccia’s a good choice every now and then since it’s much healthier than cakes and junk food. Focaccia’s probably one of the staple foods in Italy. Most people would know it as a flat-oven baked bread that’s really similar to pizza bread (yums!). So usually the main ingredients for Focaccia are olive oil, rosemary herbs, sage (optional), thyme and of course, flour. Other than that, you could always throw in some shallots, cheese or meat!

And… it’s easy to make too! Got your standing mixer ready? Don’t have one? It’s ok. You’ll just develop those (baking) muscles soon enough!

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