From Our Kitchen

Pepperoni Con Fungi Pizza

ED: I think i have issues.. I love pizza dough, yet, i hate it. Well its complicated. A love hate relationship you can call it. The love and dedication i give it, massaging it, watching it grow.. Just to experience the utter disappointment of failure even after pizza experiment No. 28432. Makes me wanna pull what ever hair I’ve got out. But i love pizza so much I could eat so many, that a thousand nations of yeast empires would be party rocking, shuffling within my intestines floor giving me tummy aches. My top favourite toppings for pizza would be the salty stuff! Such as pepperoni, salami, olives, anchovies, (of course the cheese!) and also tomatoes and mushrooms! And i must have it with ice water or a nice chilled beer! (YEAHH!) Or my taste buds would shrivel up and die. But what ever the toppings, i would devour them all the same! Well, alas i made a decent pizza. Though this recipe was the bready type of pizza it was not bad. think it was something like Pizza Hut. But the dough’s recipe was seriously quite salty. Next time, Ima attempt a thin crust pizza! 😛

Recipe out soon!


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