ED: Once again the time has arrived where the Undead horde lumbers and Draculas awake from their slumbers to party and get wasted in clubs and bars. Apart from rampant ghoulish activities and howls in the Halloween skies, it is also a much anticipated hunting season. Yes, it’s slut bunny season boys, a day where girls mystically transform under the moon light sprouting bunny ears and bosoms and shedding clothes.

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ED: Being a self-proclaimed bread fanatic/ bread lover/ bread face, whatever you call it, as long as it’s something which requires yeast in the making, I will devour it like a plague of bread-eating locust. In fact, I could eat so much bread, I think there’s infinite numbers of yeast partying and shuffling to party rock anthem on my intestine floor right now. So tell me, what better type of bread to be crowned the undisputed king of breads but PIZZA? It’s got a crusty crust, tomato sauce, gooey flavorsome mozzarella cheese with basically any ingredient in the world gracing the base. To me, that’s like Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year all in one; plus 14 February too of course. ❤
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Nachos and Magarita Night!

It’s Friday night and you have your buddies over to watch a match and celebrate TGIF with some booze. Problem is, you can’t cook to save your life, or your buddies from dying of hunger. Well there’s two solutions to this problem of which, one is to feed them more booze or the other is to assemble this “cooking-free” dish in 20 minutes. As fun as the first solution may sound I don’t think anyone could resist a Nacho platter; Thank God it’s Nachos and Magarita night!
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Kim Choo Kueh Chang: Ba Chang


ED: When I think Chinese traditional foods, I think Ba Chang. Ba Chang are traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival which falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar commemorating the death of Qu Yuan, a famous poet, who was passionately concerned about the fate of his government. His feelings of concern was so strong that when the state’s capital was over-thrown, he drowned himself in the Miluo River out of despair. His fellow Chinese people searched for their beloved poet in the river, meanwhile dropping dumplings of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves into the river, in order to keep the fishes from attacking Qu Yuan’s body. So that’s the story behind the Chinese Ba Chang. But do pardon me when I say this very day doesn’t mean much to me, because if you love these little bundles of joy as much as I do, everyday is Ba Chang Day.

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SAUCE (Food Tasting)


Alfresco seating area

A random shot but I like (:

Imagine retiring to a refreshing concoction or a pint of ice cold beer along the coastline of Marina Bay river while pampering your taste buds to a grilled juicy beef burger beneath the sunset after a drilling day’s work. Well, the good news is you don’t have to imagine any further but head down to Sauce! Sauce is a bar & grill opened by the creators of one of the most happening night clubs, The Butter Factory. Smacked right in the heart of urban Singapore and conveniently situated at the Esplanade, Sauce offers a modern twist on American style courtyard BBQ cookouts with contemporary vibes. Knock your socks off at their funky grass porch with retro lawn chairs or for those who prefers indoors, unwind on their comfortable indoor dining couches.

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