Post Halloween- Bloody Steak

Pardon the theatrical effects as it is Halloween after all. This does indeed look like a CSI setting or a scene from a horror movie with fresh blood splattered everywhere. When it concerns blood oozing from a piece of steak, some quiver at the sight of it, others see red but to me? That is gold. Eating a steak without blood is synonymous to chewing on a tennis shoe. People who prefer their meat well done- Incinerated into leathery, flavorless chunks of carbon are probably not able to tell if what they’re eating is food or a piece of floating rubber from a shipwreck. I am not condemning people who are under privileged  to eat under cooked meat because of medical reasons but I’m merely displaying my tumultuous displeasure towards an over cooked steak. Rants aside, I’m gonna teach you guys how to fire up a succulent piece of steak, and honor this Halloween with the savoring of, blood. *SCREECHING HORROR MOVIE SOUND EFFECT*


  • 200g Prime quality steak(Ribeye/Striploin)
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Black pepper, sea salt
  • 1 Slice brie cheese/ Blue cheese or any soft cheese you like
  • 1 Garlic clove, 2 stalks of rosemary
  • 1 tsp Unsalted butter
  • 1 Shot glass of red wine

Tips on Choosing a good steak

  1. Buy the best grade of meat you can afford. You pay for what you get!
  2. When possible, buy from the butchers counter not the pre-packaged section.
  3. Look for steaks that are firm with a fine texture and about an inch thick.
  4. You want the color to be a light cherry red color, not deep red and by all means stay away from gray meat.
  5. Look for a steak that has marbling. It is the thin threads of fat running through the meat that makes it Prime and gives it that incredible flavor.
Seasoning the steak
  1. Rinse the steak briefly and pat it very dry with a paper towel. (You don’t want water on the steak as it cooks as that would “steam” your steak)
  2. Season with fresh cracked pepper, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil on one side and flip over with a pair of tongs and do the same. (You can be generous with the seasoning on a thicker cut of steak)
  3. Rub seasoning all over with the pair of tongs.
  4. You could marinate it with rose mary and garlic for an hour or so if you like but I instead just brush them on the steak while cooking.
Cooking the steak
There are several methods to cook a steak such as pan searing, broiling, roasting or grilling- the ultimate method. Take for example my steak is a 1/2 inch thick steak as it’s usually about that thick in our local super marts. If you want a 1 inch thick cut of steak I recommend you go to a speciality butcher store.
  1. Heat the grill pan till its screaming hot and you can tell that the pan is hot when you see a little smoke. Lay the steak down on the grill pan. (You don’t have to oil the grill pan as the steak is already well coated with oil)
  2. Rub with crushed garlic and rosemary and do the same later on the other side. Flip the steak after about 45 seconds when nicely brown charred marks are seen and continue for about another 45 seconds. (*Depending on the thickness as every steak has a different cooking time)
  3. Test you steak by *probing it with your index finger to see if it is at your preferred doneness. Place a slice of cheese on the steak to melt and rest it on a rack for about a minute. (To let the agitated meat relax and become tender)
  4. Collect drippings in a sauce pan and on a medium heat, melt a tsp of butter and deglaze with a splash of red wine.
  5. Serve steak with wine sauce and any sides of your choice such as mash potatoes, seasonal veg, corn etc.
Tips on cooking a good steak
  1. Decide before you start cooking on how you want the steak done. A few people like “blue” (near raw) but most tend to prefer their steaks from medium rare to medium. If you decide in advance, you’re more likely to pay attention to it and remove the meat in time.
  2. Try to avoid turning the meat too many times. Ideally, you should have one flip — two at most. Resist the temptation to touch the meat too much.
  3. Use a set of tongs to turn the steak. Poking it with a fork puts holes in it and allows the juice to seep out — and then you’re just asking for dry beef.
  4. Don’t mash on the steak with your tongs. That’s just as bad as poking it with a fork, and presses out all the juices. If you’re testing for doneness, just gently press with the flat part of your tongs. The harder the meat is, the drier it will be.
  5. Don’t just gobble up the steak the moment you stop cooking it. Put it on a rack and let it rest for a few minutes. You’ll notice that a lovely juice oozes out as it settles.
Method to check doneness of steak by touch
  • Medium rare- Like in the photo above, gently touch your index finger with your thumb and press on the fleshy part of your palm near the thumb. The density of your palm should be quite similar to that of a medium rare steak. Try doing the same for the other fingers to get a feel of all the different donness!
  • Medium- Middle finger to thumb.
  • Medium well- Ring finger to thumb.
  • Well done- Pinky finger to thumb.

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