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Alfresco seating area

A random shot but I like (:

Imagine retiring to a refreshing concoction or a pint of ice cold beer along the coastline of Marina Bay river while pampering your taste buds to a grilled juicy beef burger beneath the sunset after a drilling day’s work. Well, the good news is you don’t have to imagine any further but head down to Sauce! Sauce is a bar & grill opened by the creators of one of the most happening night clubs, The Butter Factory. Smacked right in the heart of urban Singapore and conveniently situated at the Esplanade, Sauce offers a modern twist on American style courtyard BBQ cookouts with contemporary vibes. Knock your socks off at their funky grass porch with retro lawn chairs or for those who prefers indoors, unwind on their comfortable indoor dining couches.

Cute Sauce girl at door

Cute little boy touching the  panda with a “do not touch sign” hor hor

I am grateful to Sauce for having me down for a food tasting session which I’ve been anticipating for way too long! Frank, the manager, was really kind to prepare a scrumptious spread for my friends and I to sample, which began with some house specialty cocktails. Sauce offers a vast 25 types of different drinks. They diligently squeeze their juices fresh everyday and that makes their cocktails extra special. Here are the offerings of the day.

Espresso Martini- 2 Shots of Espresso with Starbucks coffee liqueur and heavy water

A twist to the classic cocktail, made famous by a bar in New York, the Espresso Martini. Instead of using egg whites, which they feel does not blend with the coffee too well, they shake the cocktail even harder to create a layer of foam. It kinda tasted like espresso with Jagermeister to me. The alcohol has a subtle presence and hides behind the bitterness of the espresso.

Nikka Melt– Nikka Premium all malt mixed with fresh lemon juice. Topped off with a touch of Cabernet Shiraz

Its a whisky Sour, which a premium whisky is used for the base and is finished with a layer of red wine on top. This cocktail would surely be a favourite for the wine and/or whisky drinkers out there.

Kyoho Saketini– A light and sweet refreshing cocktail, which uses premium Suntory Murasaki liqueur made from the flavors of pressed Kyoho Grapes.

A hot favorite among the ladies as it actually tastes a little like a grape juice soft drink Qoo. The base of this cocktail is Midori sake, an unfiltered sake, which is a tad white and milky when compared to the usual filtered sake. Hence the denseness in its texture. Finally, they then top it off with a Japanese soft drink called Calpis. A very Japanese inspired cocktail indeed.

Dirty Lemonade– A house cocktail that guests can’t seem to get enough of. A special cocktail that one can sip on all day

A take on the old school drink for garden parties, poisoned with alcohol for that extra touch. It  is a cocktail meant to match the garden vibe of their al fresco setting and the theme of the Sauce. This wicked concoction contains mint leaves, Captain Morgan Spice Rum, cucumber syrup for that extra freshness, freshly squeezed lemon juice and Sprite. Almost sounds like it’s created by a mad chemist! That’s why this is my ultimate favorite lemonade in the world! Wicked.

All their cocktails contain a minimum of 45ml of alcohol which is the international standard for cocktails. Unlike those rip-off sissy drinks in some clubs. This alone is one of the great reasons to swing by for drinks after work. Moving on, we opened our appetites with some starters before the mains and Chef Tan, the Head Chef of Sauce, graced us with his presence at our table and explained his dishes to us!

The Grilled Chicken Salad $14- Romaine lettuce, olives, tomatoes, cashew nuts, potato crisps and grilled chicken strips, drizzled with mayonnaise and BBQ sauce.

This is the coolest salad. Because it’s a salad for those who hate salads. I’ve never seen anyone mix potato chips into a salad before, except on How I Met Your Mother season 1, where Mrs Ericson makes her secret Ericson Family 7 Layer Salad, which happens to contain 16 cups of mayonnaise, gummy bears and potato chips just FYI. But lets not digress, I like the textures and crunchiness of the salad and all the flavors work together. Only thing is I didn’t feel like I was eating a salad! Guess this is how the Americans eat their salads?

The Chilli Beef Taco $15- Homemade taco shells filled with juicy minced beef, Mexican salsa, fresh jalapenos, Romaine lettuce and avocado, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.

The interesting part of this dish is that Chef Tan fries the tortilla in a basket, enhancing its visual appeal. I love how crispy the tortilla is and it taste almost like a curry puff crust. The minced beef is minced extra fine and is really tender and tasty, while the avocado gives it a nice creaminess. There’s so much going on in that crispy bowl of flavors but every ingredient was assigned a role to play, its like a symphony orchestrating in my mouth. One of my absolute favorites.

The Mentaiko $18- Spaghetti prepared in Japanese fusion style, cooked in Chef’s specialty cod roe sauce.

The pasta is sauteed with Shimeji mushroom, cod roe sauce and garnished with Sakura Ebi (small shrimps), some truffle oil and extra virgin oil. I find the pasta a little too dry for my liking. But the flavors are special and its really tasty though I must say that even though the Sakura Ebi adds a nice texture and visual appeal to the dish I think it competes with the mentaiko for the spotlight. Also I would like more truffle oil please! Thumbs up still for the creativity in use of ingredients.

Fish & Chips $18- Pacific Dory coated in Belgain beer batter, topped with mayonnaise and “dancing” bonito flakes, served with fries and Mesclun leaves. Comes with choice of BBQ Sauce, Chilli Cheese Sauce or Jalapeno Tartar.

Chef Tan says that fish & chips are always the same everywhere. So he sets his apart from the rest by making the fish look “alive” by adding bonito flakes to create that effect which really works. The fish was not bad and the batter was crisp and quite light. To help give a better mouth fill the obvious choice of sauce would surely be Jalapeno Tartar, which was so delectable I would have licked it clean if no one was watching. He serves it with a mixed Mesclun salad tossed with what I think is Japanese fruit salad dressing and a little sesame seed dressing.

The Sauce Melt $22- Freshly made beef patty oozing melted cheese, pickled cucumber, tomatoes & lettuce, between soft burger buns (add bacon for an extra $2 only) Comes with choice of BBQ Sauce, Chilli Cheese Sauce or Jalapeno Tartar.

Chef Tan is indeed a cheeky fellow as he buries the cheese in the patty rather than just melting it on top. It creates an element of surprise and that “volcano effect” as the cheese oozes out when you bite into the fall-apart tender, juicy tasty patty. Chef Tan uses air flown Australian beef to form his 200 grams beef patties like all good burger patties should be.- FRESH, and never frozen. The only down side of the almost perfect patty was that it was a little too starchy. The chili cheese sauce compliments the burger and the salad tossed with balsamic vinaigrette cuts through the richness of the it. The thinly sliced pickled cucumber also has a fantastic texture. I recon the best way to eat this burger is to eat it with 10 fingers.

Head Chef Of Sauce- Chef  Tan and me

Overall I really enjoyed the dining experience and the great service and hospitality by the staff and the Manager Frank and Chef Tan did a fantastic job. If you’re not looking to dine in but for a snack, Sauce offers a take-away kiosk for those in need of a quick bite, before the theater shows perhaps or for random hungry blokes. I’ll surely be back for more, Sauce! Sauce for your taste buds, sauce for your thirst.


There are 2 current promotions going on now!

Happy Hour – Every Monday to Friday 5-7pm Buy a pint of Asahi Super Dry beer at $8 and get a free mini hotdog! On top of that, Happy hour prices run daily from 5 to 9pm

Sausagefest – Enjoy a 1 Kg Juicy Garlic pork sausage & 2 globes of Asahi Super Dry beer at $155! (feeds 6-8 pax) 
The perfect combo while you watch the EPL matches LIVE at Sauce!

”Sauce to meat is ceremony, meeting were bare without it” – William Shakespeare

#01-10/12 Esplanade Mall | MAP

Sun-Thu: 5pm-1am
Fri-Sat: 5pm-2am


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