VIP Launch of “The King of Curry” – CoCoIchibanya

The latest food outlet opening in 313 Somerset, Japanese Curry House CoCoICHIBANYA!

*Written by Joey, FA Food Writer

*Photos by Ed & Joey

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Ever craved a good curry fix whilst in town? Look no further, because a new curry house has just opened right smack in the middle of it! No need to travel to Little India or the rural outskirts of Singapore, because this place will slap a generous amount of rice, extra dishes, and of course, curry on your plate. Japanese curry to be exact.

Known as the King of Curry, CoCoIchibanya has been serving up curry for over 30 years, and with 1275 outlets worldwide as of August, there’s no wonder it’s been dubbed as the King of Curry. The most unique part about CoCoIchibanya, is how you get to pick how you like your curry.

We asked for a sample of each curry, and it was so exciting when they brought all these out.

Just to give you guys a glimpse of how their menu, which is focused on a customizable meal, is like.

250g of rice should be more than sufficient for an average, but don’t hesitate if you’re a huge fan of curry!

As for step 1, here are the three choices of curry you get to pick!

Their Original Curry on the left, Mild Curry in the middle, and their Hiyashi Curry on the right.

If you’re a fan of spice, then pick the Original because that allows you to be able to pick any of the 5 spice levels to be dolloped onto your rice. Otherwise, there’s the Mild, which is actually a vegetable curry, which is still very tasty, just that they hold back quite a bit on the spice. Lastly, there is the non-spicy Hiyashi curry, which is also known as Hashed Beef Curry, and is very ‘tomato-ey’. It was definitely an interesting and different form of curry, but I would personally pick the other two. Don’t hesitate to try though, especially to fans of tomato-based sauces, e.g bolognaise.

The 5 spice levels of their Original curry.

It probably might not be too noticeable from this photo alone, but if you look closely you’ll realise that the higher the spice level, the higher the viscosity of the curry. If you’re unsure of how your threshold holds against their spice scale, try asking them for a few samples first. Better to be safe than to risk ruining your meal!

Lastly, there is a various selection of sides to go along with their delectable curry.

Plenty of choices to complement your menu.

Below are the four dishes that we ordered!

Huilin: Hashed Beef Curry with Mushrooms – $16

Joey: Grilled Bacon, Spinach & Corn curry, with an addition of Creamed Salmon Croquette – $15

Edmund: Creamed Mushroom Omelette – $13

Adam: Pork Cutlet Omelette – $16

The zingy hashed beef curry tasted much better along with the strips of beef, mushrooms, and rice, in contrast to it being slightly too sour for liking by itself, when eaten together with the rice, it actually gets more appetizing with every bite!

Mine was the only dish with a spice level (Omelette dishes use only Mild curry), and I chose Level 3, which I was very satisfied with overall. The generosity of the curry was an immediately plus point, because the scenario that I’m sure many of you hate would be having to scrimp and save on the curry so that there would be enough to go with all your rice. Little pieces of bacon balanced off the spinach and corn perfectly, and with it all drenched in an absolutely delicious curry with the amount of spice I like, I would clear the plate with ease.

The Creamed Mushroom Omelette, which was highly recommended, was a favourite at our table, with the cream sauce adding  light smoothness to the dish to counter off the thicker curry. The mushrooms were absolutely delicious as well, making this a dish for the mushroom lovers!  Adam’s dish had pork cutlet strips instead, which would be the target for those that usually order Tonkatsu with their Japanese curry, were tasty as well, albeit a little less tender than I’d wish for it to be. Even so, this proved to be a satisfying meal, and I would be more than happy to dine here again. Other F&B outlets in 313 Somerset watch out, because this new kid on the block might become a threat to your business!

The Iced Milk Tea that we chose to go along with our curry meal. Served with syrup and milk by the side, they really do stick to their style of a customized meal.

Next time you’re in town and have the craving for curry(which I always have), you know where to drop by for an affordable curry meal!

EXTRA** The VIP Launch event of CoCoIchibanya Curry House is tomorrow, the 30th September, Friday! 

The launch event will be graced by the Managing Director of CoCoICHIBANYA, Daisaku Tanaka as well as some of our local favourite celebrities, Elvin NgRebecca Lim, Holly Grabarek, Ian Fang, Edwin Goh, and all time favourite host, Utt!

If these names don’t mean much to you, and all you’re thinking of is curry curry and more curry, listen up foodies.

The first 200 people in the queue at CoCoIchibanya tomorrow will win up to 1 year to 1 month of free dining there! Also, there will be a special 50% discount off dining there tomorrow! ENOUGH SAID, SEE YOU GUYS AT THE QUEUE.

For more information, check out

313@Somerset, Basement 3 Unit Number 25/26/27

Operation Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 10am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday 10am – 11pm

*Written by Joey, FA Food Writter

*Photos by Ed & Joey

Source from


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