IKEA Restaurant & Cafe (Tampines)

ED: IKEA needs no introduction for sure as for some reason everyone seems to like IKEA. Yeh its a pretty great place to take the kids out, to walk around(in fact maybe you could even do a 2.4km jog there) or for some serious hardcore budget furniture shopping. But lets cut the crap and be honest you people go to IKEA partly, or mainly for the cafe food! Which I don’t really quite understand why! You people love it so much, you would probably celebrate if your IKEA-bought chair collapsed under your a*s because its a good excuse to visit IKEA, again! So you make your way down to replace the broken chair with the exact same one and order yourself a plate of 20pcs Swedish Meatballs.

Salmon Garvlax

Your normal salmon garvlax. Refreshing appetizer with a squeeze of lemon and one of the ultimate salty treats. Anything to do with salmon = Love

Swedish Meatballs (20pcs)

I’ll be honest, I’m actually one of “those people” I was talking about earlier on. I would celebrate if my IKEA-bought chair collapses under my butt and my train of thoughts would be:

  1. I should head down to IKEA for some Swedish meatballs!
  2. Should I get 10 pieces of Swedish meatballs? Or 20?
  3. Oh right I need to get a new chair. Hmmmm, but after getting my meatballs.

But all those thoughts were of the past. After a few visits, I found that the meatballs were not as good as they used to be. Or maybe my standards of taste has grown to be more demanding now. I found the meatballs quite tasteless with none or little beef flavour and that salt and “pepperiness” are all I get from the meatballs. Perhaps its because they freeze their meatballs and that is what happens to all frozen meats. The only saving grace is the Lincon berry jam that I really like and the brown gravy which quite yummy. I wouldn’t eat the balls if not for the sauce and jam.

Cheese Cake

This looks quite pathetic. But the cheese cake was really thick and rich. Which is how I like it but the base is overly buttery and I got tired of it half way through.

Overall the meatballs are not nice to me anymore. Though the chicken wings can be a reason to deliberately break your own IKEA chairs for some people.(I know enough of the chair already) I once saw a lady eating a half dozen chicken wings on her own, or was it a dozen? It was a huge plate. Other than that well I guess there’s no reason now to buy an IKEA chair anymore.


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