132 Mee Pok

ED: The digits 132 have a very special place in my heart, but only when followed up with 2 words, “Mee Pok”. Since the day I discovered 132 Mee Pok at a tender age, I fell in love, and made a life long commitment to this Mee Pok. 132 Mee Pok was practically my staple diet growing up when they were located at a coffee shop in Kembangan where one has to queue from a minimum of 30 minutes to 2 HOURS at that time! The legend is true so you know. But still I had to eat it few times a week.

(Chan, the current “Mee Pok Man” who cooks with his mum)

There’s just something special about this bowl of noodles. Looking at the picture above makes my salivary glands run like a tap and my ears hot and itchy somehow! If you think about it its JUST A BOWL OF NOODLES! But then again, I’d slap anyone hard across the face if he or even she says its JUST A BOWL OF NOODLES. What makes this noodles so special and decadent is a few factors.

  1. Secret chili paste.
  2. Springy noodles.
  3. Secret chili paste.

The chili is really the die factor and what I love this mee pok for. Its a secret blend of chilis and ingredients so secret, that no other mee pok stalls could ever compare to. It is also said that their chili contains Buah Keluak which is a Indonesian ingredient which is incredibly aromatic and appetizing.

The noodles are nice and slightly springy, though compared to other mee pok giants is slightly softer which is their way of cooking it. (though i personally like my noodles harder, springy and “QQ” with a bite.) The soup is quite rich, cloudy and flavourful. The ingredients they serve are just ordinary fish cakes and balls, minced meat and shrimp which is alright but I would say isn’t the focus of the dish but the noodles and chili. Together, the noodles and chili are the dynamic duo and eaten with the fried pork fat and crunchy bean sprouts makes it even better. Once you start you can’t stop. Its really quite spicy and makes some people perspire so much and its almost torturous to eat, but then you get this satisfaction and pleasure all at the same time with every mouthful. Kinda like SM. (; I LIKE IT LIKE IT COME ON! (Rihanna SM song playing)

Definitely one of the best Mee Pok around in Singapore. Why? It could even get my non-chili eating friend to love it so much he dies but gets to heaven each time. (And now he’s chili-trained) I recommend buying a $4 bowl with extra noodles for guys or if you love noodles cause their portion size is pretty small and, you MUST ORDER IT WITH CHILI!

Some history lessons on 132 Mee Pok-

(Source from http://www.132meepok.com.sg/history/) ”132″ means good business in Cantonese. That’s right! This is the guess of many for the use of these interesting numbers as their business brand.However, the truth that lay behind “132″ was … the stall number at Siglap market! That was where they created a name for themselves and therefore it was retained as the auspicious business name as well as for sentimental value.132” mee pok kway teow was founded by Mr Chan Sek Inn who had push carted his mee pok from the age of 20, mastering his skill till late 2007. His wife had been peddling teochew noodles with her father since a young girl at Joo Chiat area. Both passed down their skills to their 2nd son (Wing). Hence that explains why authentic teochew noodles are served at 132 mee pok kway teow till this day.

MP 59 Food House at Block 59 Marine Terrace #01-105

7am- 4pm daily (Off on Mondays and 3rd Sundays of every month)


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