The Hand Burger (313 @ Somerset)

ED: The Hand Burger serves the gourmet burgers crafted from the freshest and finest ingredients such as New Zealand grass-fed prime beef patties, a range of home made sauces and home made buns! Yes everything at The Hand Burger are made by HAND. Credits to that. So naturally I was drawn to this joint.

(Cute looking menu)

(Cute looking girls)

(And cute looking couples ;p)

Cesar Salad -$9.80

I like the fact they serve the lettuce whole and not tossed as this preserves its crispness and doesn’t look like a soggy mess. Though its a little more troublesome to eat. The bacon and crutons were nice, crunchy and delish but the dressing however is a little weak but still tasted fine.

Blue Cheese Beef -$17.80 / Chunky Mushroom -$6.50

All burgers comes with a choice of chunky fries, house salad or mushroom soup. I must say I’m impressed by the effort they put into their presentation which makes their burgers looks super yummy. The mushroom soup was really quite good. In fact I never expected such good quality mushroom soup from a burger joint BUT, The Hand Burger is under the same company as The Soup Spoon. No further explanation needed though I must say I preferred this mushroom soup to Soup Spoon’s . It wasn’t overly thick like the one Soup Spoon serves.

The Blue Cheese Burger was…. Bad. Not that I hate blue cheese I LOVE it but it was way too overwhelming that I couldn’t really taste the beef. They should have balanced it with sour cream or yogurt which would be fantastic FYI. The pear chutney also over whelmed the beef as there was too much of it and it was too sweet and tart. Perhaps another reason why I couldn’t taste the beef patty much was because it was pretty bland. The patty was under seasoned, and really dense, chunky and chewy with several tough bits. It was like a coarsely chopped up steak squashed together tightly rather than a minced beef patty. It wasn’t the really generous serving size that made it a challenge to finish my burger but because it just wasn’t palatable.

The Handburger Original -$13.80This would probably taste better than my blue cheese burger. But with the same disappointing beef patty. The buns however are commendable as they were tasty, and soft with a nice outer crust.

The Works -$17.80

Now that looks like an uphill battle of Gettysberg. Merciless onslaught of calories with crispy bacon, battered onion and a whole sunny side up egg with a 150g beef patty? That’s some serious artery clogging indulgence. This combo would have been a dream if only their patty’s were better. The only take away would be their crispy battered onion rings and bacon, pretty much everything else but you know what.

Fish & Chips -$15.80

Surprisingly their Fish & Chips were one of the better ones around. Though the quality of the fish could be improved but then again they’re a burger joint.

Cheese Fries – Top up $2.00

These cheese fries rocked. It single handedly defeated BFF. I loved the cheese sauce and the cajun fries.

Minty Lemonade

Too minty and sour.

Root Beer Float

😀 only thing missing, an A&W sign on the mug. Just kidding. Root Beer Floats are always awesome!

“So girls how did you find The Hand Burger experience?


Wished their patties were better.

313 @ Somerset
Singapore 238895

Tel: 6509 6214


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