Birthday Dinner At Chili’s Grill & Bar (Tanglin Mall)

ED: After hearing a lot of “Hoo Ha” about Chili’s I just just gotta get me some. It was my birthday so I thought it would be a perfect time to try this place out and apparently they’re famous for their ribs and burgers!

Meat = Happiness                                                                                                            Birthday = Happiness                                                                                                             Chili’s = Meat & Therefore                                                                                           Birthday = Chili’s

Totally makes sense.

Mushroom Swiss Burger -$21.90

Sis opted for this safe choice. Look how juicy and moist those mushrooms are. Everything tasted great, except the beef patty. Disappointment > Happiness. The beef patty wasn’t juicy and was in fact dry and was seriously lacking taste and seasoning. Which was really not what I expected at all after hearing so much honey coated praises for Chili’s. Perhaps the chef making the patties had a bad day? :/ The fries were seasoned with cajun and fried skin on and were good.

Chipotle Blue Cheese Burger -$19.90

This burger sounds like a champion. Bacon, beef patty with chipotle and blue cheese sauce, absolutely mouth watering. But just like the previous burger, the patty wasn’t good. Notice the little patch of white sauce on the bun? That was the blue cheese sauce and I found it almost amusing that we all couldn’t taste blue cheese at all cause they gave way too little! I even had to ask for the blue cheese sauce as I thought the chef forgot to add it. When I tasted it, it was actually really good, BUT it was so mild you might actually forget you’re eating blue cheese. But I loved that they balanced it with yogurt, if only they added more blue cheese.

Avocado Burger -$19.90

Chicken Crispers -$21.90

These, were pretty darn good. The batter was a light fish and chips batter and it was crunchy on the outside and soft, tender and moist on the inside. The sauce was something like a mustard mayo if memory serves me right. Not bad but I found it quite over priced at $21.90 just for fried chicken.

Tenderloin Steak -$46.90

(Pardon the bad photo my cam died on me!) This was grandpa’s and my dish, a 200g prime tenderloin cut with mash and sweet corn cob which we chose as sides. My grandpa’s steak was rare though we requested for medium rare. Before we even could request to change the steak the friendly staff asked if everything was alright and immediately offered to replace the steak. That’s one plus point as the waiters at chili’s take initiative. The steak was just of standard quality and freshness and was too lean. The sides however, are fantastic. Grandpa and I absolutely LOVED the mash potatoes. It was super tasty as it was mashed skin on and with bacon bits and cheddar cheese. It was also well seasoned though a tad peppery and wet. The corn was SO so juicy and sweet it totally loved it. I ended up liking the sides more than the main.

Half BBQ Ribs -$27.90

This was what I was looking forward to most. The BBQ ribs were really tender. But, it was really dry as it was over charred. They should have basted it more with BBQ sauce too and should work on their marinate as it wasn’t flavourful enough. ): I really need a good rib fix now. I guess I’ll give chili’s a 2nd chance by trying their Sentosa outlet as I’m doubtful of Tanglin’s outlet.

Overall we spent $219 on 5 dishes. With not praises to sing except for the sides, pretty overpriced for average food. My birthday dinner. Till next year-


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