Julius Truffles

Life is like a box full of chocolates. Scratch that.
You thought that I would have started off my entry with that phrase didn’t you :p

Rach: My dear readers, what I’m about to blog is not just about chocolates. There’s a whole lot of dreams, inspirations and creativity that goes on inside the mind of this hobbyist chocolatier, Julius. I guess that’s one of the reasons why Julius Truffles’s chocolates are another level higher compared to other homemade chocolates. Yes, you read it right, these are homemade chocolates crafted with passion. Looks darn good right? It gets better!

The packaging and presentation is simple yet elegant, kinda gives you a hint of what to expect when you open up that delightful box of chocolates!

I was greeted with three different types of chocolates and to be honest I was taken back a little because they looked absolutely gorgeous. Even my poor brother who was suffering from bad tonsillitis at that time commented that the aroma of the chocolates were good! I wasn’t gonna wait till he got well so I tried the chocolates first ^^ I believe something is seriously wrong with you if you can actually open up a box of chocolates that looks this awesome and put it back in the fridge without having one.

Volcanos (above)
The ‘Volcanos’ is an iconic feature of the Julius Truffles story. Made in a pyramidal form, it expresses the tension between the calculability of rational machine-made chocolates against the inner molten lava core that is filled with the chocolatier’s passion and soul.

See, how deep is that! Told ya it wasn’t just plain old chocolates! Take a bite and you’ll be swept off into chocoland. The unsweetened cocoa powder, earthy tones from the dark chocolate and what brings time to a stop is the molten core with a tinge of rum… Everything just comes together! Even my parents were pretty surprised that these were homemade! They enjoyed it!

Opera (front) & Raspberry Framboise (back)
When I asked Julius for the names of these babies he said that they actually have no names because they are not worthy… … …WHY JULIUS WHY?! Because I’m so in love with this Opera.

Opera reminds me of an upgraded version of ‘After Eight’. Looks subtle with its pretty gold foil at the corner but take a bite into this and wait for the drama to unfold! This is so much richer compared to ‘After Eight’. There’s actually two layers in this wonder underneath its dark chocolate shell. A layer of mint, and another layer of ganache. Professionally done! Ed pointed out that there was a hint of coffee in this one, but I couldn’t really figure it out. Maybe because i finished this piece as fast as I could lol! Nomnomnom.

Raspberry Framboise with the biscuit crumbs had a nice nutty crunch to it. With milk chocolate exterior and a fruity flavored interior, it’s quite refreshing! This and the Opera is my brother’s fave, while my top picks are the Volcanos and Opera!

Julius Truffles changes my impression of homemade chocolates. It is simply not about melting down chocolates and freezing them again, calling them your own. Julius, you’re a genius and with so much drive, you’ll be a great inspiration to all entrepreneurs! Now my brother has asked me to pick up the art of making chocolates (since our oven is down anyway) lol.

For the chocolate lovers out there, you may want to take a look at Julius’s website! Look out for Trufflemo too! A cute little mascot that is shaped like a volcano!

Thank you Julius for the delicious chocolates!



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