Birthday Dinner At Perle Noire

ED: My 23rd birthday celebration. No, I wouldn’t call it a celebration, more like, consolation of growing old. The only consolation of this day would probably be this dinner. At Perle Noire, a restaurant I’ve been dying to try to moment I smelled the magic produced behind the kitchen. I could only smell, and swallow my saliva as I served dishes like Lobster Thermidors, Mussels In Spicy Wine Sauce and Juicy Steaks to the fortunate. I was a waiter. A job I swear I’ll never ever take again. It was miserable watching people eat such delicious food. I lasted  3 months on the job, it was too much suffering to bear. So I came back, with a vengeance to eat.

New Zealand Mussels In Spicy Wine Sauce

Mussels and fries. The gem of the pacific ocean and the gem of the earth. Not much explanation is needed when you eat them together. Genius combination usually enjoyed by the Germans. Fresh, plump juicy mussels soaked in fragrant spicy garlicky wine sauce. I would tip the entire bowl down my throat if no one was watching. The only thing that could make it even more perfect than it already is- A tall glass of ice cold beer.

Foie Gras With Apple Chutney

I love foie gras. But this one however fell a little short on quality. The texture wasn’t smooth and creamy enough. But still it tasted awesome and was served with a really interesting sauce. Something like sweet soy sauce with honey. I can’t remember if there was balsamic in it but it was yummy, along with the apple chutney which was sweet and slightly tart.

Fresh Hokkaido Scallop Carpaccio

This dish was almost a masterpiece. A cleverly thought of dish indeed. Really fresh plump scallops with refreshing citrus juices and zest and a good quality fruity extra virgin olive oil and salty caviar. The most interesting factor of this dish was that Chef Jonathan used Sze Chuan pink peppercorns. That gave a whole new dimension to the dish but unfortunately the pink peppercorns were not used sparingly and was a little overwhelming. But overall, thumbs up to the chef.

King Prawn Aglio Olio

This was Joycelyn’s pick. Fresh crunchy king prawns, bacon, shaved parmesan and al dante pasta. This pasta was not bad but could be more flavourful.

Squid Ink Pasta

What made it unique was the use of charred peppers which gave the dish a subtle sweetness and i think there was a squeeze of lemon juice in there. The best part was the squid was cooked perfectly and was bouncy yet tender. Beautiful dish, but as usual not the most glamorous dish to eat! But who cares its delicious.

Yorkshire Pork Rack

O.M.G. Have you ever had a pork rack so tender you’re able to slice through it effortlessly. Its beautifully charred on the outside with gorgeous grill marks and moist, juicy and a tad whitish pink on the inside. By far the BEST pork rack I’ve ever tasted. It’s served with a special apple puree, which has hints of ginger and plum sauce in it. Absolutely divine together with the pork. They also serve it with sweet potato mash which i think is quite perfect. (although Ann requested to switch for pom puree, which was good, but a little dry) Overall this is a very clever dish, and I feel it really portrays the potential and passion of Chef Jonathan on a plate. Very well done.

Ribeye With Creamy Cheese And Baby Potatoes And Artichoke

This was my buddy Cris’s dish. Perfectly seasoned and seared to medium rare doneness. The steak was fresh and of high quality, and was served with a flavoursome beef juice. What more could you ask for? A slice of creamy cheese- and that’s what I got. Delicious.

Lamb Rack With Mint Sauce And Eggplant Chutney

Now for my dish. Beautiful plating. The lamb was flavourful but slightly overcooked to medium as I requested for medium rare. I love blood you see. But it still tasted great along with the refreshing mint sauce(though you got to ask for more) and pineapple salsa which brought sweet and sour to the dish. The special part of this dish would have to be the eggplant and raisin chutney. Which had quite a Moroccan vibe to it with the cumin spice. Loved it.

Lime Sorbet With Meringue (Birthday Treat From The Lady Boss)

The lady boss Apple was so sweet to surprise me with this! She actually took into consideration my friend’s passing remark about my birthday! Talk about service. At Perle Noire you can rest assure you’ll receive great service too.

Truffle Brulee

If it was socially appropriate, I would take this truffle brulee out on a date, then bring it back home and make sweet love to it all night long. The first bite teases you like a striptease, with a pleasant hint of truffles and smooooth custard which urges you to dig deeper. As you get down to 2nd base a moan escapes as the gentle scent of truffles touches all the pleasure buttons. As you finish, you’re gonna be wanting seconds right away. You have to try this. Seriously. It’s truly sensational.

Chocolate Molten Cake

Rich, sinful, and wet inside. I like. Though its pretty much your everyday molten chocolate lava cake. But its good still.

Fresh Baked Apple Crumble With Vanilla Ice Cream

This apple crumble was awesome. It was warm, comforting, crumbly and crunchy, not overly buttery and had just the right amount of sweetness, and eaten with vanilla ice cream makes scream the word deliciousness.

Overall this dinner was memorable. Very fresh up to date and well thought of dishes. Props to Chef Jonathan! Please try their mussels, yorkshire pork rack and truffle brulee!

Some pics of ❤

To end off with a happy ending-

Ohhhh yeh.

687 East Coast Road
Singapore 459055 TEL : 64481732


6 thoughts on “Birthday Dinner At Perle Noire

    • ED: Their starters are range up to from $8 – $16 for soups and $28 for foie gras and mains are from around $28- $38. 7 of us spend about $450 for a main each and 3 starters to share (:

  1. Great post. I’ve been to Perle Noire a couple of times and I really enjoy the food there. Totally agree that the Yorkshire pork rack rocks! The Fresh Hokkaido Scallop Carpaccio was good too. Perle Noire recently changed their menu. Before this, they had seared scallops that were to die for. They also had a burger that was the best I’ve ever tasted. Too bad its no longer in the menu.

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