Advertorial For The Better Burger (tbb)

(Warning: Read on at your own risk)

ED: Everyone has a purpose in life, some to be rich, some to find love, others to be ***holes. Others, their life long pilgrimage is to find the best burgers. Like myself, the owners of tbb could never truly satisfy our desires for a really good burger in Singapore despite having a tidal wave of burger joints flooding the Singapore food scene recently. That’s how the guys behind tbb, Josiah and his partners explained how they actually conceptualized The Better Burger. Previously ran by Fat Boys Burgers, tbb, took over the joint right beside their company’s other joint, Pizza Memoirs.

Josiah was really kind to invite us down for a food tasting session which I couldn’t be more excited about. He gave us a tour into his kitchen where I met one of the chefs who is a local, and no he doesn’t flip pratas but patties!

Josiah explained that tbb uses fresh non-frozen Australian air-flown tenderloin cut for their patties, which is one of the most tender cuts and they only cook them upon orders! Unlike many burger joints who pre-cook their patties for faster cooking which results in dry patties. This means you can expect only the freshest quality beef patties, with no “frozen taste” which you get from some places. They grill their 150g patties to a medium well doness over a super hot 400 degrees F flat grill which caramelizes the patties nicely and seals all the juices in at the same time. They also rest their patties to allow them to finish cooking on the inside and which also makes them juicier.

Double Double

I had the Double Double which is constructed with 2 beef patties, 2 cheddar slices, ice-berg lettuce, tomato, and tomato mustard sauce. I was stumped as to how I should go about deconstructing this mega structure. It was so tall i had to squish it with both hands and dislocate my jaw like an anaconda but even after doing so I still couldn’t fit that double double in my mouth! Alvin even commented that I was trying so hard it seems like the veins at the side of my neck were about to pop.

(That’s me doing the Double Double. No pun intended though I actually may, metaphorically. You’ll know why after reading on)

When I finally took a bite, a moan escaped through the beef debris. She tasted so good. She was soft, moist and delicious. I actually am referring to the patty FYI. She was so fresh and had a wholesome beef flavour which taste nothing like frozen beef patties and had very basic seasoning and minced onions I think. What makes her taste so good is really the quality of beef they use. Air-flown Australian beef tenderloin I couldn’t stress more on that! The tomato mustard sauce is basically tomato sauce with mustard but to me they are quite the quintessential for burgers. Probably one thing that’s missing is a naughty little pickle to seduce my taste buds further. But I think you could add extra condiments for an extra expense. If you’re gonna order this baby I recommend you bring 3 things along with you. A scrub, a stain remover and maybe a vacuum cleaner cause its gonna get messy.

Cheese Bacon

Joycelyn had a Cheese Bacon Burger, which has cheddar, bacon, ice-berg lettuce, tomato, mayo, gherkin and bbq sauce. It’s almost the same as mine but smaller and has BACON and some other stuff. Come on, BACON, makes, everything, BETTER.

Alvin had the Pesterella Chicken Burger which consist of pesto, mozarella, ice-berg lettuce, tomato, mayo and beetroot slices. Interesting paring of the beets with pesto mayo. It was not bad as the chicken was crusty, moist and tasty with the pesto mayonnaise. But I felt it was a little dark in appearance.

Mix Snack Basket

Josiah had another mission planned for us with their mix snack basket which has got calamari, chicken bites and fried wings which was supposed to be buffalo wings but they weren’t available. The calamari was not bad but a little tough and the batter could be a little lighter and tastier. The chicken bites were great and tasted almost like KFC’s popcorn chicken! All the burgers were served with fries which were crisp and seasoned with herb salt which is pretty unique instead of the usual Cajun fries.

Overall the burgers were really good just that the bread was a little tough and dry. But it’s no biggy as they’ve already taken note of that. Still, the truth is, they make The Better Burger.


(tbb is now having a lunch promo from 11pm-2pm! 40% off second burger) Yummm I would surely come back for a double, Double Double Burger!!

(They actually have portrait shots of their burgers! How cute is that they treat burgers like beings with feelings! I know I’ve developed feelings for them that’s for sure)

(More of a chill concept and they air soccer on a big screen! Beers, snacks and pizza goes hand in hand!)

tbb is located along mohd sultan road at THE FOUNDRY. Dont worry about parking as i think there’s parking spaces are all around. Or you could share a cab with friends down from orchard which would just cost around 4 plus to 5 buck :p

The Better Burger – A subsidiary of O’Savory

they are conveniently located at:
18 Mohamed Sultan Road S(238967), The Foundry
they are contactable at:
+65 7333 102
opening hours:
sun – thu 11am to 11pm
fri & sat 11am to 2am


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