Wanna French(Fry)Kiss Me?

ED: Imagine a zero calorie way to enjoy French fries- smear a french fry lip balm version all over your lips and keep the smell right under your nose. That way you can have french fries as and when you like, without actually harming your waistline. Genius! It’s just like a drive-thru for your lips. Impossible you say?

Washington-based novelty company Accoutrements has launched a new French fry-flavoured lip balm to serve as a portable, quick fix for those moments when you… Or your kissing partner are craving for some deep-fried potato flavoured make out session. Okay I’m joking.(though i may just vomit in my own mouth at the thought of that)

Each tube is 6.4 cm with a twist bottom dispenser. The lip balm retails for $1.50. Accoutrements also has distributors in Germany, the UK, Sweden, France, Ireland and Canada. The era of french fry revolution has begun! I wish I could get my lips some of that! :p


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