The Ice Cream Man

Rach: The Ice Cream Man is one of the many hidden treasures in Haji Lane! Comb through the streets hard enough and a gateway to an food adventure with interesting flavors awaits. A simple brand name it may be, but don’t be too quick to judge! Wasabi and SOY SAUCE ice cream anyone???

The staffs there were really accommodating and they genuinely wanted you to try out their specialties! So they were totally cool with letting us try the different flavors. Just ask away! I’m serious, they are really nice about it!

I got to try the Strawberry Sorbet, Wasabi, Soy Sauce, Jackfruit, and Green Peas… What a unique range! And you know how after you’ve sampled a couple of different flavors and you end up choosing the flavor which you didn’t try? I chose Baileys, and I probably hit the jackpot :p

Baileys with Kit-Kat (S$4.50 for a single scoop) – For the liquor range, it costs an dollar extra. My friend Grace chose the same one too! Although you can’t really taste much alcohol in it, there was a hint of Irish cream. Come to think of it now, it’s kinda similar to cookies and cream because of the crunchy bits and sweetness. Yes, it’s quite sweet, but i enjoyed it. I guess this ice cream would really kick ass if the alcohol content was stronger! Quality is definitely there!

Mango (S$3.50 for a single scoop) – Sadly the Mango wasn’t as fab. Even though it was creamy, the flavor wasn’t there, it was very very faint.

On to the sweet and savory babies! The Wasabi and Soy Sauce ice cream! Well, the wasabi one was interesting. When they first handed me a spoon to sample, I was really uncertain. “Do I want to try this? What if blahblahblah?” Surprisingly, it wasn’t as pungent as what I thought it would be… I guess that saves me from having that spiciness from burning up my nostrils! Pretty much enjoyable if you’re bored of the usual flavors and are craving for something different!

The Soy Sauce ice cream was cool! Reminds me of the flavor Sea Salt Caramel! And you know what brand of soy sauce did they use? KIKOMAN SOY SAUCE! Don’t worry, it wasn’t overly salty when I tried this. I would consider it light? My hair and kidneys are still very much in place lol! I was actually deciding between this or the baileys! Maybe next time :p Sweetness was on a high for both flavors, maybe to balance out the other funky factors?

Oh, if you’re wondering how the green peas ice cream would taste like, well, let me say this first. I am not a fan of green peas at all! But yes, I tried it because the kind staff handed me a sample and it would have been rude to say no lol. Hmm… this actually tastes way better than green peas! It was very creamy! My friend got to try the Red Bull Sorbet, and he says it really tastes like Red Bull!

The Ice Cream Man is a great place to get together with your friends for some ice cream loving and old school games! Pick up sticks? Man, I haven’t played that since primary school! The corner near the back of the shop was a little too comfortable that a friend of ours felt too homely -_- yes, I’m so sorry.

The three of us, dessert lovers!

Address: 7 Haji Lane, Singapore

Tel: +65 6398 0919


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