Official Launch Event Of SAUCE

ED: The official launch of SAUCE, a restaurant grill & bar at the Esplanade was a night of good food & drinks, socialites and party vibes mixed together creating a lavish spectacle. This is the very first F&B venture by the party masters, owners of The Butter Factory Bobby and Ritz! There’s no doubt about it, they sure know how to throw the best parties! The hype was immense, with free flow Asahi beers by the outdoor bar to get the party started, pretty SAUCE girls serving free SAUCE’s signature mini burgers and Butter Factory’s DJ Dave to drop the beats! SAUCE also showcases a lovely outdoor grass porch where the Butter VIPS and guest socialized while sipping on SAUCE’s Dirty Lemonade cocktail. Ladies were seen on comfy colourful sofas buried in gossips while occasional checking out the topless hunk in jeans posing with his lawn mower.

Flexing Hunk helping to sell Dirty Lemonade

Gf and I at the event (:

Nat & Lala

SAUCE is a modern twist on American style courtyard BBQ cookouts with contemporary vibes with its colourful courtyard lawn chairs. It’s vast and stylish space was divided into various sections. A spacious indoor dining area where the DJ table reigned, an outdoor grass porch which I personally love and even a take-away kiosk for those in need of a quick bite, before the theater shows perhaps or for random hungry blokes.

Their menu features droolsome American style grilled meat dishes like The Cornish Game Hen, Fresh Sausages and The Sirloin which they serve with truffle spread, flamed peppercorn and rosemary roast sauce. That’s 3 sauces in 1 dish! Yes their mains are all served with 3 sauces of your desire from the list of 17 different and original house made sauces. They’ve also got an arsenal of dogs & burgers to savour with their wide array of signature sauces with different tastes from savoury to spicy to sweet sauces with unique characteristics like coffee bourbon, red wine & mint, balsamic beans and apricot & almond sauce just to name a few! They sound so delish I’ve collected a puddle just by talking about them. I really can’t wait to try them all cause they sound absolutely out of this world.

Signature Mini Burgers

I was dying to dine in but unfortunately it was overwhelming crowded, and we only managed to snatch a mini burger each. I wouldn’t comment on it now just for teasing purposes but I definitely will when I come back for a proper tasting. So stay tuned for that! Meanwhile, everyone should stop running errands, cancel appointments and call off meetings to go down to SAUCE, and pay homage.

More pictures of the event and SAUCE (:

Olly, Cris, ❤ and Jolyna

Amanda and the other SAUCE girls

“Sauce to meat is ceremony; Meeting were bare without it” – William Shakespeare


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