Sapporo Miharu Ramen

Rach: Ramen fever in Singapore? Must be. AOBA, Ajisen, Ippudo, Marutama, Ramenplay… and I’ve never heard of Sapporo Miharu until my friend told me that we were going to have her birthday dinner here. Well, now we know ^^ and it’s inconveniently hidden in Nanson Road. I shall not start my story on how I was conned to take a three minute taxi ride there which cost me S$10.90 lol!

When I finally found my way there, what greeted me was a rather small, homely and unpretentious looking restaurant. Luckily my friends got there early because we had a big group and the restaurant doesn’t accept reservations (perhaps due to its limited seating areas). On to the menu, Sapporo Miharu actually serves four different kinds of soup broth: Miso, Shio, Shoyu and Tonkotsu.

Original Shoyu Ramen

I’m such a plain-jane lol. Well, I could have chosen Tonkotsu (slightly regretting now) but at least it would be easier to compare to the Shoyu ramen I had at AOBA’s. Let’s start with the soup broth. Warning: It tastes alright, but… SALTY SALTY SALTY! That was everyone’s complain (luckily the waitress placed a huge jug of water on our table so that we could help ourselves to it).

The char siew was a little disappointing too, it was over-cooked. No melt-in-your-mouth pork and there wasn’t enough seasoning on it. Pretty much bland and tough 😦 The boiled egg was decent, not bad, nothing much to rave about. I kinda like the bits of sweet corn that they added. I think it has helped to balance out the flavor a little bit. If not I think the soup would tastes much saltier -_-”

I’m just glad that the ramen noodles lived up to my expectations, and from what I heard from my friend, she says it’s the closest to the one she tried in Japan (yes, sad girl here hasn’t gone to Japan before T_T). The texture was really springy, and it didn’t get soggy or swollen too soon 🙂

Everyone else ordered something different, but I didn’t really try theirs since there were so many of us… except for the Special Shoyu Ramen (because it was just next to me XD)… yar, just one notch higher compared to mine. I think they added fish oil to it? When I asked the waitress about the Special Shoyu Ramen before placing my order, she actually said it was ‘secret’ lol!

If I ever go back to Sapporo Miharu, I would probably try the Tonkotsu. But I might request for them to dilute the soup a little! And if you do ever visit the place, do go early because the restaurant is really tiny and it fills up pretty quickly. I was seated just in front of the entrance when I took this picture below!

Address: 1 Nanson Road, #01-11 The Gallery Hotel, Singapore

Tel: +65 6733 8464


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