Sunday Brunch At Cris’s House

Ricotta Pancakes With Banana, Icing Sugar And Maple syrup

Cooked brunch with Cris and Olly on a Sunday late morning! Nothing like pancakes and eggs on a lazy Sunday morning. Ironically we were hardworking enough to cook on lazy Sunday. Prolly cause these dishes are easy to cook, and so yummy (:

Perfect thickness, moistness and fluffiness. Thank goodness. I think I got a winner. Just needed more ricotta in it to make it perfect. (I forgot me butter how could I)

My Perfect Scrambled Eggs

I didn’t mean to be so “unhumble” but I think its the 2nd best scrambled eggs I’ve tasted next to the one I had in Sydney Bill’s restaurant. Look mac’s scramble. Back to mine. Back to mac’s scrambles NOW BACK TO MINE. Sadly, it isn’t my scrambles. But if you stopped having mac’s breakfast and started learning to make your own scrambles it could LOOK like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re in Mc Donalds eating their scrambles, wishing the one that you’re eating could taste so silky and moist. Back at mine, what is it? Its the perfect scrambled eggs you could be eating.

Anything is possible if you learn to cook at Cinnamonsin (; (adapted from old spice commercial haha!)

Recipe out tmr its late now, and I wasted 5 minutes typing that crap that you wasted 20 seconds reading lol.



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