Coffee Club (Market Street) + Terracotta Warriors Exhibition

Rach: I usually don’t feel like blogging about mainstream chain cafes. But I had good lighting that day! Partially because the cafe looks like a green house (well, technically glass house) which allowed a vast amount of sunlight to shine in. So some pictures to whip up that appetite of yours! It was practically like a ghost town in Raffles Place on a Saturday, hence the cafe was rather serene. It would be a nice place to chill which some friends or alone (just bring some magazines, drink some tea, have some cakes), so… very… peaceful~~~

On to the ordering! There was a 1 for 1 promotion. Unfortunately there was only three of us. We could have gotten another dish for free but we weren’t feeling like cows that day. Why waste food just because it’s free right?

Garlic Prawns Pasta
My second time ordering this! I love it for its crunchy QQ prawns! One of the best aglio olios I’ve tried 🙂 Got to give props to Coffee Club for using relatively fresh ingredients! But other than this I think their other dishes are generally soso. Nothing much to talk about, just satisfactory. Except…maybe for that monstrous serving of a mudpie. Can’t stop drooling when I think of it…~

Mega Club Sandwich

Soft-Shell Crab Pasta

After we had our yummy yummy lunch, we headed down to the Asian Civilization Museum to see the Terracotta exhibits! I know I know… why go see when Singapore only brought in three warriors out of the thousands right? Well, a chance to get near to history is something we wouldn’t want to miss out (moreover we’ve got free entry)!

Us being food business owners in our past lives lol XD


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