Ippudo Singapore (Mandarin Gallery)

ED:  Before watching Hello Ghost(Korean comedy movie which FYI was really good!:p) my partner and I were deciding between Ippudo and Wild honey for dinner. 2 popular eateries with lots of media publicity and large number of reviews. It wasn’t a long debate as both of us were craving something nice and warm to sit us through the movie. As we stepped into Ippudo we were greeted cheerfully by every single staff(at least 8 of them) and i thought it was only polite I nodded back at everyone of them.

Shrio Tamago Ramen $17.00

The ramen came in a flash. My partner had the Shiro Tamago Ramen(Original ramen with pork belly and egg) while i had the Karaka Chashu Tamago(Spicy broth with minced pork, pork belly and egg)My choir of taste buds were singing with excitement as I lifted the spoonful of broth to my mouth- and at once the singing stopped. It was a mediocrity of Japan’s legend of Ramen. The broth was rather weak and wasn’t rich enough and there was a strong ginger taste which overpowered broth’s sweetness. Worst of all it was overloaded with MSG and left my feeling dehydrated and thirsty as we ate. The waitress even kinda noticed it and offer me more water.(haha)

Karaka Chashu Tamago Ramen $22.00

My Karaka ramen was better off. It was tasty and had a fragrant and flavourful chili paste and oil. The ramen, which we chose medium between soft, medium or hard doneness was actually more to soft rather than medium and wasn’t as springy prolly cause it was cooked longer.(damn we should have chosen hard) The chashu was sweet and the fat melted in my mouth, but the meat had a texture of “normal chashu”. Which isn’t the case at Marutama(Clarke Quay Central) where the whole slice just dissolves. The egg was disappointing as it tasted rather plain though the yolk was still runny. Like my partner’s Shiro Ramen mine was overdosed with MSG and after awhile we felt like we were eating instant noodles.

Total Bill $45.90

Overall this Ramen place is over-rated, hence it’s over pricing. We ended up paying a total bill of $45.90 just for 2 bowls of ramen. Despite having really polite and friendly staff and a nice restaurant setting, I’ll be on the run for other Ramen restaurants.

Nice Japanese comic art display.

Address: 333A Orchard Road, #04-02/03/04 Mandarin Gallery, Singapore

Tel: +65 6235 2797

Opening Hours

Mon–Sat: 11am – 11pm

Sun: 11am – 10pm


2 thoughts on “Ippudo Singapore (Mandarin Gallery)

  1. My bro and I actually tried Ippudo the last time I was back in Singapore and it was really not that great. Like you said, overrated, over priced.

    Then again it is Ramen in Singapore and when you can mark up, you mark up. Ramen is just an overpriced dish in Singapore despite it being a street stall dish in Japan.

    I personally feel that Marutama Ramen in Central is way tastier and I like their stock a lot better.

    • Yeah I think I was with you guys the last time and both of you said it wasn’t that great :p
      Over-rated I feel!

      Oh Rara, can you send me the logos for Cinnamonsin when you’re free? Just whatever you have so far… thanks much! ❤


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