Best Fries Forever

ED: Skipping the fries at B3(Burger Bench & Bar) for BFF’s(Best Fries Forever) appears to be a bad decision. I thought I’d give BFF one last shot for redemption and again they missed the mark by a long shot. On both occasions i had their fries, they didn’t even look appetizing as it was dark brown in colour and the worst part was that they were all soggy and had a slight bad taste from the frying oil which is unpleasant for the throat. The taste of their skin on fries are also rather bland.

But well they do have quite a few choices of dips with funky names to choose from such Wow Wow West(which is chilli beef & cheese fries), WAZABEE(wasabi mayo dip with fries) and Curry Favour(their curry fries) just to name a few. Sadly to me that is the only appealing thing about BFF.

(Sample their sauces before choosing your flavour)

My partner and I shared a small Wow Wow West which cost $4.20. The chilli beef sauce was rather dilute and didn’t have much beef in it. The Cheese sauce was like those ready made cheese sauce like those for nachos. We didn’t even finish half of it that’s how bad the fries were. I think, if I ever come back, I’d only buy their sauces and THEN, buy myself some fries from Macs outside Cine. If its not the best now, how could it be forever?


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