Paradise Dynasty (ION Orchard)

ED: My idea of paradise would have to be a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless pleasures of savoring Xiao Long Bao. It is conceptually a counter-image of the misery, and in paradise there is only peace, prosperity, happiness, and colourful Xiao Long Bao.

That is exactly what Paradise Dynasty has to offer. Though last I heard in paradise, one doesn’t have to wait about 30 minutes to satisfy one’s hungry belly. As you take that first step into paradise, you can see the chefs skillfully creating colourful dumplings of happiness. We were seated and served tea in those ridiculously long tea pots which that guy did stylishly.

Drunken Chicken

We started of with drunken chicken. It was just average as they added too much chinese wine which made it a little too bitter. The chicken wasn’t tasty enough but it was cold and springy.

Doesn’t that look like a circle of happiness? These 8 different flavoured XLB has to be eaten in a specific order from the mildest flavour to the strongest tasting one. They all have quite an acquired taste I must say. I can’t really remember the order to eat them but they will have a list on the table to guide you.

Original XLB

At first i was full of anticipation. Come on, I’m dining in paradise am i? However i started with the first flavour which was the original XLB and it wasn’t fantastic. The stock wasn’t sweet and flavourful enough, and the minced meat was rough and flaky in texture. The skin however was nice and thin.

Garlic XLB

The garlic one was goood. Much more flavourful than the original.

Ginseng XLB

Next was the ginseng flavour which i found a little too over powering. I would have liked it more if it was just a hint of ginseng.

Crab XLB

Where’s the crab? They were really quite stingy with the crab.

Cheese XLB

I enjoyed this one as I’m a cheese lover. I would usually destroy anything with cheese in it! Nice cheesy mozarella in it which actually goes well with the pork and broth.

Truffle XLB

I really loved this one. This one had a good balance of flavours. Love the control of truffle flavour in this as if it was just right. Quite a complex flavour. Leaves a lingering aroma of truffles in your mouth. Delicious.

Foie Gras XLB

Omg this was awesome. The pork and broth was infused with buttery creamy foie gras. Wholesome flavour.

Szechuan Pepper

The final flavour to end the dish with a bang. I was quite impressed by the control of szechuan pepper in this XLB, and the chili oil gave it a bold but controlled fiery sensation. Nice way to end the dish.

Braised Pork Belly

This dish was just not bad. But my mum makes better pork belly! The skin and fat was melt in your mouth, but the meat wasn’t quite tender enough. The sauce to me had too much oyster sauce.

Szechuan Dumpling

This dish was good. Soft thin dumpling skin with springy pork and shrimp filling married with spicy Szechuan chili. I can’t quite take it anymore imagine blogging about all these on a hungry growling tummy!

Mapo Tofu

Totally a miss for me. Had much better ones at many other places.

Overall Paradise Dynasty was quite a palate exciting experience. You guys should at least try it once as its really quite a fun and interest. The price was pretty reasonable too at $13++ per mix flavoured XLB.

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #04-12A ION Orchard, Singapore

Tel: +65 6509 9118 |

Opening Hours

Mon–Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat–Sun & PH: 10.30am – 10pm


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