The Chocolate Bar (Marina Bay Sands)

ED: I called on Wednesday to make a reservation for Saturday evening and I was astonishingly disappointed that they were already fully booked for that night! So I booked the following Saturday evening and had to wait with growing anticipation till then. After striking many days off the calender the day finally arrived! My partner and I made our way to Sky Park and our excitement grew as the lift scaled towards the 57th floor. We were swept away by the breath taking view, and already, the night felt almost perfect.

We were greeted warmly by 2 friendly female staffs and were immediately guided by 1 to our table and tucked in comfortably onto our chairs. She explained that coffee, hot chocolate and a selection of TWG tea (Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Green Tea, Jasmine Tea, Camomile Tea) are included in the buffet, and also Warm Chocolate Fondant Cake and Chocolate Ice Cream which are not displayed in the buffet could be ordered. I highly recommend ordering a pot of your favourite TWG tea to refresh your palate from the sweet treats to come.

(Smack forehead* I forgot to bring my camera that night! All these beautiful pictures are taken from

Here’s a look at roughly how the buffet set up is like.  Priced at $38++ person (or $55++ with a glass of Champagne), this sweet spread offers huge selection of chocolate inspired treats, crafted by hand with premium chocolate. But i felt the chocolate they used were good but not fantastic. Though I must say their presentation is a delectable spectacle.

My partner and I made serious efforts to try every creation the Chocolate Bar has to offer. Which was an uphill task. I shall not go into detail into every single individual desserts as there are too many to talk about. Having such a wide variety of treats, I found that quite a few flavours and ingredients are often reused, which isn’t a good thing. I tasted passion fruit about 5 or more different desserts and about half or more of their desserts had nuts in them just to name a few. Because of that after awhile the desserts mostly tasted alike and loses its element of surprise.

They also served a fruit based dessert consisting of blueberry compote, passion fruit cream and mango puree with a little squeeze tube of eerky tasting familiarity. COUGH SYRUP but its most probably cherry extract or juice. Their chocolate fondue is just normal which is sad and their macaroons are not that good. But I’m not saying there’s nothing nice about the buffet. Their white chocolate mousse is one of the best that we’ve ever tasted.

The Steamed Chocolate Crème, which is a ganache based dessert steamed with banana leaves is really smooth and bitter sweet which goes perfectly well with the banana chutney. My partner commented it looks like pigs blood haha! They served a chocolate coated cone of triple flavoured mousse! Each bite you take changes the flavour from earl grey, to passion fruit, to banana!

Overall, I felt they should have focused more on the quality rather than the quantity of the desserts, and they should have more dark chocolate treats rather than most of them being sweet milk chocolate. One last detail was that the temperature of some of the desserts were not right. Imagine eating room temperature melted chocolate mousse. For a price of $38++ i would say doesn’t really do justice to to the food. But it is worth it for the ambience and the view or if you’re rich. Great place for dates though (:

Tel: +65 6688 8858

Opening Hours

Daily: 8pm – 12am

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