AOBA Hokkaido Ramen @ ION

Rach: AOBA was a totally unintentional dining stop. Where else could we go on a Friday night, 7pm, with no reservations, and with thousands of hungry humans lurking around with the same instincts? WE ALL WANTED DINNER. We had no idea where to eat. Moreover, it was my 5th day in a row in town. I already had Japanese food, ang moh food, dim sums, and more sushi… So we just walked around (after browsing the new Forever 21 outlet at Orchard Exchange) and decided to join the one with the shortest queue. Hmm…

Shoyu Cha Shu Ramen
In other words, soy sauce based ramen with Char Siew. Firstly, to me the serving was humongous! I didn’t even finish half of my noodles 😦 The soup base was a little too salty, but I guess that’s Hokkaido’s style? They seem to love their salt a lot. Sadly, this wasn’t as flavorful as how I have hoped for it to be. I’ve tasted better ramen soup else where before. The texture of the noodles was just ok.

Things to love? The egg and the char siew! I love egg yolks that are slightly runny on the inside and I love it even more when the yolks are orange! You know, I took a picture of it, but it didn’t look nice on the camera because we failed to cut it nicely lol! As for the char siew, it was seasoned well. The best thing that happened is when the fatty part melts in your mouth. Ultimate bliss I tell you~ The slices were cut thinly so I didn’t get the “je-lat” feeling 🙂

Shoyu Tontoro Ramen
Pretty similar to my Shoyu Cha Shu Ramen since it’s the same soup-based. The tontoro cut is not bad, but I think I prefer my char siew 🙂

Shio Seafood Ramen
Shio is the salt-based soup. It’s clearer than the Shoyu’s one so the flavor is also much much lighter. In fact, it was a tad bland when I tried it. There was this eggy aroma to it and it’s definitely from the ramen. Bleah. The seafood in it seems kinda sad. Look at the prawns, it’s just pathetic! I could do better with my home made instant noodles! XD

Other sides which we order:

Squid Tempura
No one can go wrong with fried stuffs right? I LOVE TEMPURA!

Hokkaido Salad
I’m sorry, but the vegetables don’t seem to look that fresh. The citrus/rice vinegar dressing was… expected. Haha I don’t know! Maybe it’s because we make this a lot at home so I wasn’t wowed by anything lol… ok, except for the scallops. They threw in a few pieces here and there though it was slightly rubbery ^^”

Marinated Baby Octopus
There’s nothing ‘baby’ about it… these babies were chunky haha! I prefer the ones that come in smaller sizes.

Agedashi Tofu
I enjoyed this. It’s not bad! I absolutely love Agedashi Tofus for their semi fried/semi sticky layer!
This shot looks so fine dining. Confession: I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of it before we dug into it 😡 Same for the octopus too actually! Hence the close up shot XD

Chicken Kaarage
As you can see no pictures because I forgot again! I requested for mayo to go with my Chicken Kaarage because fried food + mayo = pure win! Not too sure if it’s the frozen kind cos don’t all Chicken Kaarages taste about the same? :p

I’ve been to AOBA before… but that was when ION first opened its doors haha! I had the Butter-Corn Ramen and I remembered that to be awesome! So this time round I was a weetlebit disappointed. Is Ajisen better? I recall wiping out the whole bowl of soup when I was there… but that was eons ago :p

Service wise, I’ll give them a gold star! The staffs were prompt and friendly, explaining to us the difference between the Shoyu and Shio Ramen even though the restaurant was packed and busy 🙂

3 set meals with 1 extra side + salad and the total bill came up to about $78. Not cool 😦

Address: 2 Orchard Turn, #B3-25 ION Orchard, Singapore
Tel: +65 6509 9394


3 thoughts on “AOBA Hokkaido Ramen @ ION

  1. Hello! I’ve been an ardent reader of your blog and I’ve recently set up a food blog myself too! Would really appreciate it if you could go have a look and possibly link me as well? (: Thank you so much!! Btw I love your posts, because they’re funny but informative at the same time! Real joy to read! (:

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