Botak Jones (Orchard Youth Park)

(Sorry for a texty post and no pictures on this)

ED: Went there with my girl with pretty high anticipation but left with frowns. First thing that caught my eye was the Botak buger. I commented, “Is Botak burger like burger with nothing on since its botak?” Ha lame but yeh it turned out somewhat botak in a sense it was nothing to rave or even talk about. I had a double Botak Burger with 2 sides of coleslaw and twice baked potato while she had a normal Botak Burger.

The taste of the patty was not bad, but very normal. But it surely needs to be tastier and juicier. They used pretty low quality minced beef and there were countless of hard bits and nerves in there which we both kept taking out of our mouths. The inner texture of the patty was mushy and the outer texture could have been caramelized more with a stronger fired grill. The bun was a normal burger bun which was a little dry. Only good thing was it wasn’t over cooked.

The sides however were fairly good. Taste and seasoning of the coleslaw was right and was cold. Twice Baked potato was cheesy and flavourful but a little too wet for my liking. Over all the meal cost us about $21 which i feel is seriously over priced for that quality of burger though the serving is generous. With countless of burger joints around i certainly wouldn’t be going back for a Botak burger. I’d rather buy 5 McDonald’s double cheese burgers than a double Botak whatever which would cost the same. Hopefully their other items on the menu would bring redemption to the name “Botak”.

Address: 121 Somerset Road, Singapore

Tel: +65 6735 0225

Opening Hours

Sun–Thu: 10.30am – 10pm
Fri–Sat: 10.30am – 3am


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