Once Upon a Milkshake @ *Scape

Rach: Once again for the 14892750th time, I’m steering off my healthy-eating radar.

I’ve a confession to make. I’ve long plotted my mark on OUAM even before my outing with my cousins was confirmed on that day. In fact, I didn’t get myself a drink during dinner so that this little power bomb could sit in my belly nicely without me feeling too bloated. I was so glad when I found out that they do serve their milkshakes in mini sizes!

And for once, milkshake isn’t so much like sloppy melted ice cream! Hoorah~!

I don’t quite remember any special points about my cousin’s “Sir Cookies & Cream” milkshake (trust me, the names get funkier by the minute.) besides it being thick, i love the crunchy bits in it 🙂 Totally a safe choice.

Left to Right: “Butterscotched is one of their new flavors (The new flavors are slightly cheaper)”, “Grumbling Raisins ($3.60)” and “Sir Cookies & Cream ($3.60)”.
They were creamy and thick. So thick that it was a little hard to suck them up the straw! All of the flavors we tried were 100% rich. Especially the butterscotch flavor. Even the staff there recommended a mini size for that one would be enough. All 3 of us chose the minis. We thought they were pretty small at first, but we took quite some time to finish them actually.

I chose the “Grumbling Raisins”. This packs a punch! Unlike some rum and raisins ice cream at other places which usually tastes mild. Even when the waitress was walking towards our table we could smell the rum! I guess that’s why it’s one of their popular flavors. But in this case, they actually call their flavors, characters. You can read up the stories on these characters. IT’S SUPER RANDOM! Okay but in a cute and silly way!

Some kind of graffiti wall done up pretty neatly. I see some names of famous KPOP groups scribbled on it. Like… BIG BANG! Oh yeah~

I really like the concept of the shop. Firstly, purple is my favorite color!

Secondly, I really like the clean look and the choice of furnishes. Like rattan and wood. It keeps things fresh! Oh, I don’t have a picture here, but if you ever go there, do check out the plant stands. It’s made out of economics text books (and they actually cut out a hole through a pile of books). I’ve never studied Econs. But i totally hate numbers. Well done man.

So besides the milkshakes, OUAM sells homemade ice creams too, which the flavors are also available as milkshakes. They have a cake and brownie set with ice cream but I’m not too sure if it’s nice since they are more well known for their milkshakes.

The next time i go there I’ll try a scoop of ice cream and a mini milkshake. Is that too much? Since it’s all milk? 😀 But hey, I’ve just read that they use low fat milk for their shakes! Just trying to psycho myself there … :p

Minis cost about $3.60, while the regulars are about $5.70.

Address: 2 Orchard Link, #02-03/04 *Scape, Singapore
Tel: +65 9233 1624
Website: http://www.onceuponamilkshake.com/start.html


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