Cold Stone Creamery

(Rach getting impatient for ice cream)

ED: The name cold stone kinda says it all. Yup its another “Teppan Yaki” style ice cream parlour where ice cream and sweet goodness are mashed and combined together. But not just any other one, its the home of the LEGEND- wait for it- DAIRY FLYING-ICE CREAM! These flying-ice cream masters spin, twirl, toss and catch the ice cream scoops with their spatulas as those they’re doing some kunfu sh*t. They really make it look like child’s play. They also serve their ice cream by effortlessly bouncing the scoop on their spatulas a few times for good fun, again making it look easy as though they could do it blind folded and when they had enough fun they toss it sky high and drop it into the cup. No sweat. The scoopie even asked me to try catch a scoop which he’s gonna toss over to me and i have to admit i actually thought twice!(haha) Here’s the video of me trying to catch a flying ice cream.

SAVEEEDDD! I have to say it really takes guts to toss a scoop of ice cream at a customer. Cause i would have beat him to a pulp if that Chocolate Devotion hits my white shirt. (haa just kidding although like himself i know kungfu as well~) Here’s a video of his ice cream kungfu 😮 (i have to apologize for stupidly tilting the video angle have way through the film)

I was stumped as to which of their thousand flavors to choose from and so i asked for their signature flavours which was actually all listed on a huge board on the left wall. That didn’t really help much as they’ve got 16 signature flavours! All which seems so yummy. Luckily for me i was feeling chocolatey so i made a decisive choice of Chocolate Devotion. Rach couldn’t decide so she went for the safe choice of Oreo Overload. Both of us had a 4 ounce scoop which is pretty huge.

As i took that first spoonful of that thick Chocolate devotion, a grin stretched across my face, it was awesome. Rich, chocolatey, with crunchy choco bits that goes “click clock crunch crunch” in your mouth and heart warming brownie chunks. The best thing about it, is its chewy texture! Yes it is chewy ice cream which is so good, its almost sexually satisfying. Only thing that could beat that is a pure rich dark chocolate ice cream. Ima dark chocolate fan you see. Rachel’s Oreo Overload was a long shot from my Chocolate Devotion. It had quite a strong vanilla and milk powder taste to it, but it has freshly crushed oreos in it which is great.
Overall Cold Stone Creamery will see the return of Ed. Thumbs up!


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