Ootoya @ Suntec City

Rach: Hello! It’s a Friday! I’m sure many of you will be hitting town this weekend and if you’re craving for some Japanese cuisine, READ THIS. Ootoya is worth a try 🙂

I’ve always just zoomed past this place because from the exterior, I thought it was going to be pricey like Tonkichi with it’s very authentic and zen-liked decor. My friends and I decided to dine here because it was the birthday girl’s choice of recommendation. Little did I know that it was actually a casual family-friendly restaurant till she told me so. We got there on a Friday so everywhere was pretty packed. Initially when the staffs heard that we had a group of 8 people they were stunned haha… luckily we didn’t have to wait that long (heck i was happy to sit down at their waiting area after a whole day of walking even though i was mad hungry) till they offered us the private room to dine in. Double Yayness!

Ok, we took a really long time to decide what we wanted to order. There were quite a number of selections! And also… the menu actually states the amount of calories of each meal! That’s why I was taking an awful time considering which meal to go for, flipping the pages back and forth, weighing the differences in the calories :p In the end I didn’t go for the deep fried katsu (pork cutlet) don and opted for a slightly healthier choice: Ponsu burger which a very funny auntie/staff recommended. She told us all to order the same dishes so that the kitchen could send out the food real fast to us haha!

Ponsu Burger – about S$17 i think (picture above):
So it’s basically your beef patty beefed up with plum sauce. The plum sauce is placed separately in a little dish so that you can drizzle the amount that you like over your beef 🙂 The meat was quite juicy and flavorful… so was the radish on the hot plate! Omg it was the sweetest radish I’ve ever tasted! Me likes! I so want to snap my fingers right now and when i open my eyes I want to be at Ootoya nomming on this meal again. /hypnotizes self.

*Edit: Ed’s been here too! And he too ordered the same dish as I did! Haha..!

So sorry I can’t actually remember the names of the dishes that my friends ordered. Lol… it’s been two weeks since we were there and my memory is failing me greatly.

If you’re going there, getting the set is much more worth it instead of ala-carte! Each meal comes with rice, a bowl of miso soup, and some side dish with pickles. There’s free refills for rice and green tea too!

In my opinion, it’s real value for money! Straight to the point, no frills and unpretentious food. I think I would rather eat here instead of going to Sakae Sushi lol. The portion of the food is decent too! Nice ambience, just that they could have made use of their space better to accommodate more seating areas.

Well, service wise was just so-so (i think one of the Filipino staff there seemed quite pissed at us when taking our orders) except for the funny auntie who works there… because being seated in a corner, we were pretty much out of sight and we had to resort to this… XD

You know, they gave us a buzzer but it didn’t work -_-

I’ll definitely go back to Ootoya, and when I do, I promise you that I will do up a better review!

3 Temasek Boulevard, #B1-057 Suntec City Mall, Singapore
Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am – 9.30pm


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