A 2,000 Pound Bumblebee Cake! Not just any bumble bee its the yellow robot from Transformers!!

ED: I’m flabbergasted. Doesn’t the cake look as though it could really transform? That’s a work of a pure genius right there! Seriously whats next, a Megatron cake perhaps? Buddys i think i know what cake I want for my coming birthday (: hint hint* Buddy Valastro, is the man behind the megatronic.

Buddy Valastro and his Carlo’s Bakery team had their hands full with this 2,000-pound Bumblebee cake. The Transformers-inspired treat features hydraulics, pyrotechnics and all the intricate detailing you’d expect from the bakery made famous by Cake Boss. Although the cake was actually unveiled on April 21 for Chevrolet at the New York International Auto Show, the Cake Boss episode that detailed the production process aired on Monday, June 20. See Buddy Valastro introduce the Bumblebee cake below:


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